The Everyday Degenerate

Father Georgina had already selected his hearse…

The Evil Clown has received Father Georgina once again. This time, he was allowed to witness the cringeworthy, effeminate ways of the “man” for a full 45 minutes (or so Georgina says).

It is very obvious at this point that the guy just can’t be without his fix of perversion for long. In fact, you would say that, to him, being near to people as obviously degenerate as Georgina has now become an addiction that needs frequent doses of filth.

Francis once said that the so-called “gays” don’t go around with a sign saying that they belong to the so-called gay mafia. However, it seems he can detect them all right, anyway. He would need to be totally blind, and even more stupid than he is, not to notice that there is something fundamentally wrong in this extremely creepy, disquieting guy he keeps receiving.

But then again Francis is a guy who makes a point of receiving freak shows from the tranniedom of the extreme fringes of Italian societies every week (I have written on this; look it up), so a circus tool like Father Georgina must serve as an appetizer to him.

To say that Francis is worthy of being despised is to put it too mildly. A red-pilled Catholic should see in him a very direct, physical attack of Satan against the Church.

The smoke of Satan has entered the church, not from some fissure, but from the main door. A big barbecue is now going on. Faggot priests and trannies are participating, laughing out loud. Francis is looking at them, smiling, and trying to get out of the lewd spectacle all the excitement his old body and old lewd mind can get out of it.

Nothing happens, unless God allows it for His own providential reasons. God has allowed this man to be made pope. One day we will see the mechanism at work in all its (again: providential) beauty.

For now, it seems evident enough that this guy has become a cautionary tale for everything that is to do with Vatican II; and the mor ehe – and, I am afraid, his successors – go on with this, the more a solid, sane, healthy Catholicism will grow exactly as a reaction to him.

As to him, he wrote in one of his Excrementations that an eternal punishment is not in the logic of the Gospel.

Let him experience for himself, if he were to die unrepentant, how logical the statement was.

Meanwhile, don’t be (too) upset for the antics of this tool and his effeminate minions.

Providence is at work. Every moment.

Nil inultum remanebit.

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  1. Wasn’t it Georgina who said he “knew many gay priests”? Pretty sure he wasn’t speaking of mere acquaintances…

  2. Regarding Pope Francis, the prophesy of St Francis, appears to be appropriate. God reveals his truths in so many ways.

  3. Yes, Amoris Laetitia #297: “no one can be condemned forever for that is not the logic of the gospel.” I memorized it so I do not forget how these people operate.

    They pretend to be what they’re not, and when they reach their high places in the Church, they change what can’t be changed.

    The pre-VII books of instruction in the faith had as their thesis that we want to attain Heaven and avoid Hell. I don’t remember Hell even being mentioned in the Council documents.

  4. I read once there was a unwritten rule in the Vatican to never allow a Jesuit to become Pope, Francis is the first ,one wonders if there’s any truth in it.

  5. At least Francis is infallible in one area–his ‘gaydar’ never lets him down.

  6. J. Ronald Parrish

    I appreciate very much your posts. One of your opinions of Francis is slightly problematic. You describe him as “stupid “. Oh how I wish that were a correct accessment. I fear he is diabolically intelligent (akin to Satan). He has been extremely successful in his destruction of the Church. I have no doubt that Christ Church does, and will continue, to exist, but is it still the Church headed by Bergolio and his minions. When the Pope, all Bishops, and even a majority of the laity no longer hold and teach the Catholic Faith, is it still the Church founded by Jesus? A sincere question from a troubled Catholic. Perhaps my interpretation is wrong. I hope so.

    • 1. Yes, he is stupid. An intelligent man would go at his work of destruction with way more subtlety.
      2. Yes, it obviously is. The Church is indefectible. Besides, the Church is the sixty generations before us, not a bunch of cowardly or degenerate Bishops. The only answer is faith.

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