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Liberal Sickos

And it came to pass that yours truly was on Youtube looking for videos about daily life in Russia (you don’t need long to understand that they are doing quite fine and, in fact, several of these Youtube channel mercilessly mock the Western narrative about Russia being “on the ropes”).

One of those video was of a guy (I don’t want to give him more publicity, so no link) who, as in many of these channels, is an American living in Russia and explaining various aspects of life in Russia.

Well, this guy has what appears to be a son. The guy (perhaps 3.5 or 4 years old) has a guy’s name. He plays with male toys. He looks, well, like a normal boy.

However, his American father calls him “he” or “she”, “boy” or “girl” alternatively.

No, it’s not a mistake. It happens in several videos.

Sickening stuff.

This guy signals virtues with the life of his son. He will do all he can to make him grow utterly confused as to who he is. Not only will the father not help his son to grow into a manly adult, he will undermine at all times the natural tendency of the boy to grow up, think, and behave like a boy.

I remember a time when we were, all of us boys, encouraged from our fathers, uncles and family friends to behave like little men. There was a beauty, and a special kind of child’s pride, in being considered, and praised, as a little man. Not only it was perfectly natural, but it was reassuring, character-building, and spine-promoting. Girls underwent the same process, of course, through their mothers, aunts etc.

As we grew older, the advise became “older” (as in the song above), but the principle remained the same: it is exactly the job of the men in the family to help the boys grow up to well-adjusted, adult, manly men.

Not anymore. Now we have sickos around who do all they can to ruin the lives of their children. When they have succeeded, they will proceed to complain about those who are still normal in the country where they live, demanding that the normal people pervert their own brains just like they have done with theirs.

This guy lives, of all places, in Russia. A fifth column of the enemy if there ever was one.

There is now, in Russia, legislation aimed at preventing the perversion of children.

I hope this guy gets in the crosshairs of the Russian authorities soon.

Sicko puts himself on Youtube, too, so he can broadcast his virtue signalling as far as he can.

I know the solution for these people, and it involves a security institution, adequate surveillance, a huge potato field, and a lot of hard work.

A couple of years of that, and all those ideas about gender will melt like snow in the sun.

Still: what a darn sicko.

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