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The End Of The “Pope Menu”

The death of Pope Benedict puts an end to the strange – and, if you ask me, vanity-driven – situation of a real Pope – the one in office – being, er, the Pope, whilst an ex-Pope – the one not in office – clings to the prestige of the position, in no small measure because he was terrified of being called what everybody will call him anyway: a Celestino (a common way, among well-educated Italians, to indicate a person in power who cowers and betrays the duties of his office).

Amazingly, there were people until this morning who, whilst calling themselves Catholic, thought that they could decide who is Pope. They took the Vatican Menu and found there two plates: the Pope and the Emeritus, both coming in white. So they decided that the Emeritus would be Pope, and the Pope would be, I don’t know, the wrong guy.

Then they wrote messages everywhere, saying: “if you watch the 40 hours video marathon I have linked to here, it will show very clearly that two and two is five, pigs fly, Francis is an usurper, and Benedict is the real, as in “the guy in charge”-Pope.

The very guy who was supposed to be in charge always said that Francis, not him, was in charge, and even praised his work (may the Lord forgive him for this). Therefore, this was hard case of wishful thinking or, rather, wishful not thinking. It was a strange situation. It reminds me of the Decembrist revolt, with a bunch of dreamers (the moderate dreamers; there were much worse people among them) who wanted Konstantin as Tsar, when Konstantin himself wanted Nicholas to be the Tsar. I don’t know what the Decembrists were thinking: perhaps that Konstantin was kept prisoner in some obscure cell, and forced to renounce under duress?

Anyway, all this theatre is at an end now.

There is only one Pope around. He is a thoroughly horrible person. We hope that he dies soon and somewhat resembling normality comes back. We also reflect on what horrible punishments the Church and the faithful have called on themselves, by indulging in the subversive or outright revolutionary fantasies of both the V II years and the even worse years that followed it.

I seriously hope that nobody will come out now with some outlandish new theory, like that Benedict has not died, but is hidden in a dark cell somewhere in the Tierra del Fuego together with Jim Morrison, or that he is Pope from heaven, or from purgatory, or from wherever he is now.

Sad as this death is, at least there is one problem less now.

Of course, this is not the end of wishful non thinking, because wishful non thinking seems to be a necessity for some. They will enlarge the ranks of the Sedevacantists, those quite funny people who believe that the Church has been kidding with two billions Catholics for 60 years now.

You know what? Reality can harsh to look at in the face. But it is still preferable to creating an artificial one we have dreamed about because we don’t want to suffer.

Let us suffer instead, and pray more, and do more penance.

We were never told the Earthly Jerusalem would always be immaculate.

RIP Pope Benedict XVI

News announced this morning here in Europe.

Death occurred at 9:34 Rome time.

In your charity, pray for the poor guy.

Pray For Benedict, The Tragic Pope Who Fled For Fear Of The Wolves.

The earthly journey of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is now coming to an end. The latest I have heard is that he can still assist to mass, but if his condition is called “serious” we all know how this is, most likely, going to end in the next few days.

The legacy that the man will leave is, if you allow me to be so blunt, a total failure (in execution, but most likely not in intention) with the addition of Summorum Pontificum; a measure, the last one, in which Benedict also managed to fail as he was spectacularly AWOL when the most difficult part (the enforcement) came.

The report on the homosexuality in the Church, which he himself commissioned, and on which he, once again, refused to act, is the other, tragic, pole of his Papacy. I consider the latter the most grave failing of his Pontificate, even worse than his very weak defence of Summorum Pontificum. But there are other issues about which I prefer to speak now, when he is still alive.

Benedict was, if you ask me, the controlled opposition to the dominant V II HomoChurch. Having flirted with heresy himself in his youth (as always in his life, as a moderate heretic, a position of sub-zero risk in the Church of those years), he progressively recovered – in a journey that went on for decades and completed, if it really completed, only when he was Pope – a more orthodox understanding of his place in the great scheme of things. But he never was the guy who would do anything forceful.

Those Cardinals who made him Pope (yes, my dear readers: it’s the Cardinals, not the Holy Ghost, who elect the Pope) evidently knew very well that the man depicted in the secular press as a (ahem) German Pastor eager to defend the Church was, in reality, an already old, already frail man, with less desire for battles than he had ever had in his life, and with an extraordinary propensity for being manipulated, ignored, or openly disobeyed without any consequence. They knew very well that the guy was, again, controlled opposition, giving a facade of austerity and seriousness whilst the Homo Party went on undisturbed. The result was the extraordinary admission of being afraid of fleeing for fear of the wolves. Something which, as it is abundantly clear now, the man actually did.

And a man of the power apparatus Benedict, as expected, was. His appointments of bishops and cardinals were atrocious. The German Shepherd was the obedient lapdog of the dominant groups within the Vatican. The problems we have now are also caused by almost eight years of such appointments.

The weakness of character (which should have advised him to simply ask the Cardinals to pick someone else) was his greatest weakness. Vanity was the second.

It was, if you ask me, vanity – however he might have called it – that led a Pope fleeing from the wolves, and likely obsessed by his fear of being remembered as such, to stress that he was not actually fleeing by – and this is not casual – clinging to the title and the pomp. How much better for him would have been to request to be sent, with the title his successor would deem fit, in some monastery in the extremely beautiful corner of the planet where he was born, and to live there a life in prayer. But no: the failure of his Pontificate, the actual absence of the balls required to simply do his job, had to be hidden behind a veil of gravitas, keeping the title (in a way common, in Italy, to Professors, and which Benedict knew perfectly well) as he was relinquishing the job. A Professor who retires is called Emeritus to allow him to get the honour of the position when he does not have the job anymore. Benedict invented for himself a way of doing exactly the same himself. The issues that this engendered are well-known and, whilst they are totally unfounded, it cannot be said that Benedict made things easier.

Now, let me come to the main event: the fleeing.

If you look at my blog posts of those times, you will see that I had given the man the benefit of the doubt, thinking – very rationally, if you ask me, and avoiding the sin of detraction – that he had decided to resign because he knew that he did not have the physical strength to keep doing the job, something also influenced by the sad spectacle offered by the last years of John Paul II. I stay behind everything that I have written at the time, and consider it, to this day, the most logical reading of the events.

I changed my mind about it – and persuaded myself that the man was, actually, fleeing all the time, and a water carrier of the “progressive guys” all his life – when I saw the unconditional approval Benedict gave to the obviously heretical pontificate of Francis. This, my friends, is not the behaviour of a man who is strong in spirit, but decides to leave the office so that others may continue his work with the necessary energy. This is the behaviour of a yes-man who will do whatever it takes, even with approaching judgment, in order to be seen as an obedient wheel of the apparatus. This is the guy who will never, ever rock the boat.

Ratzinger was never a leader. In typical German fashion, he was born a follower. The job offered to him in 2005 was the possibly most unsuited to his character and inclinations. He could not have changed his character, but he could, and should, have recognised that he was absolutely not cut for the job. Whatever excuse he gave to himself (“the will of the Lord” and such like), let me tell you that, is you ask me, vanity, again, was in play.

A career as a theologian based on heresy-light. Then a pontificate as a fake hard guy. Then a post-pontificate (in itself a problem) marked by complicity with evil.

This is the legacy of Joseph Ratzinger; the man who always managed to do it safely, comfortably wrong.

He is, now, very near to that terrible moment, the moment that awaits all of us. I will pray with all my heart that he may die at peace with the Lord, as I wish for myself and, my dear readers, for all of you.

Buon Natale!

Bianco Natale

Candlelight Carol

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Christmas Lullaby


“Good God!” – exclaimed the good, pious woman upon seeing the cat threatening the freshly baked apple cake.

“Jesus!” – was the utterance of the pious Neapolitan man when hearing Naples had lost the game 4-0 again.

“Jesusandmary!” (one word: Gesummaria!”) was the usual expression of the southern Italian gentleman upon being told of something very bad that had happened.

“Maledetto….!” “Damn….!” (add to the word the usual suspects: cats, dog, communists, whomever or whatever wasn’t OK!). This one was everywhere.

A pleasantly unruly child would be described as “a little devil”, often without the slightest hint of disapprobation. Similarly, “you are diabolical” would be the compliment reserved for, say, someone who had made something really cool playing soccer.

“Dio Bonino!” (Good Lordy…) was, meanwhile, the cry of disapprobation of the Tuscan Italian man, because they love terms of endearment.

“Dannazione” (“Damnation”), would the poor guy cry, who had just hammered his finger instead of the nail. Mind, though, that I can prove to you, scientifically, that said man had no intention whatsoever of either sending to, or wishing, hell to absolutely anybody known or unknown to him. The expression simply meant to evoke something very unpleasant. Nowadays, a more vulgar and unfaithful world would simply says ” f-cking sh-t”; which, apparently, nobody considers a blasphemy and must, therefore, be somewhat ok.

Last, we have the one to rule them all: “Dio Mio”, same as the Spanish Dios Mio!


What do all these phrases have in common?

Likely that, for all of them, you would find Protestants willing to call them assorted blasphemies, or curses, or generally being a sin against the Second Commandment.

This makes the 60 million Italians I grew up amongst a bunch of blasphemers, too. At least if you are a Protestant or, in case of a tragic lack of understanding, if you are a Catholic who has uncritically absorbed all the Protestant rubbish about the Second Commandment (and I am afraid there is more than some, of those, in the US).

Alas, in authentically Catholic Countries people have, traditionally, not thought that way; and as they are the cultural cradle of Catholicism, I think you should take very good note of this.

Blessedly free from Protestants playing the well-known game called “holier than thou”, Catholics developed a culture in which a constant reference to God in one’s daily life translates in often mentioning God, as the One around Whom the entire life of a person revolves.

Therefore, sadness, disapprobation, surprise, but also joy and hope, were constantly linked to the Divine. If you often have God in your mind, you will often have Him in your mouth.

The evidence: the de-Christianisation of Italy has brought to the rapid disappearance of all of the expressions above. Including the one to rule them all.


Why do I say this? In order to achieve 2 aims:

1. point out to the Protestantisation of Catholicism in Countries with vast contacts to the “holier than thou” sects, and

2. give my own take on the potential cultural background of Father Pavone.

As to 1

You really need to relax. A priests known for being a good priest will simply not blaspheme. If he uses a word that he (perhaps) shouldn’t be using as a priest, you need to let it rest. If he says to you that he even went to confession (that’s an interesting one btw: as he did not intended to blaspheme there should be no sin at all, same as if I hammer my finger and the expression escapes me I don’t need to go to confession, and it is not even a venial sin), you really need to shut up.

As to 2.

I don’t know if Father Pavone (no name can be more Italian than this: Pavone means… Peacock in Italian.) grew up in a specifically Italian cultural environment. If he did, he will have heard his (likely very pious) aunts and grand aunts call the cat, dog, hamster, & Co. “damn” a great number of times. Note here that in Italian, there is no proper Italian translation for “Goddamn”. Better said, there is, and it is, simply, “damn”, “maledetto”. But, clearly, only God damns. Therefore, every “damned” means “damned by God”.

“Maledetto cane”, “maledetto vento”, “maledetto gatto”, “maledetta pioggia” and the evergreen, extremely well-known song, “maledetta primavera”, in which said primavera (Spring) is damnable exactly because, as the song explains, it makes you fall in love in one hour.

This expression, “maledetto”, was so omnipresent when Italy was Catholic, that movies meant for a children audience (John Wayne comes to mind) had it. I saw such movies at the parish cinema. Nobody ever said a word. Not a priest, not a parent. Nobody. And there you have it: John Wayne saying a word, that you may easily translate as “Goddamn”, in front of the children, in the presence of the priest, without this causing the slightest embarrassment in anybody.

Now, though I don’t live in the US, I understand that the cultural environment over there is (likely because of the nefarious influence of the above mentioned Protestant sects) different. Father Pavone, Italian Aunt or no Italian Aunt, must have been aware of that. However, our culture, our upbringing, our own cultural sensitivities will always emerge when we get emotional. This is why people tend to swear in their own mother tongue, confident that their interlocutor will get the message anyway.

Why do I say all this? Because to me, Father Pavone saying, say, “Goddamn Commies” (no, it does not mean that he is God; that has has cursed them; that he wishes them hell, or any of that nonsense; it means that he really doesn’t like those people) does not make it less Catholic, but more. In fact, it brings this courageous priest nearer to me, exactly as we feel that an angry Don Camillo is really on our side, even if he loses his temper for it.

I wonder if Don Camillo would, today, be defrocked.

Enjoy the video, and pray for Father Pavone.

I wish one twentieth of our Bishops were as Catholic as he obviously is.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Immense Gains.

Yes, Frankie. Wrong career…

Yesterday, Argentina has won the Football World Championship. Congratulations, and all that. They are half-Italians after all, so they had good football (soccer) genes to work with.

Their goalkeeper has, upon winning a goalkeeper-related trophy, proceeded to make an extremely vulgar gesture with it. Not only was this extremely vulgar, but also shockingly stupid considering half the planet was watching. I haven’t seen the video as I never follow prize giving ceremonies my team has not won, but I understand that the antics was checked live on tv, in front of, likely, a couple of billions. Stupidity and arrogance mixed together in a deadly cocktail.

And then it dawned on me: this must be something not necessarily linked to a person, but linked to a mentality, an attitude. Evidently, the Argentinian boor has to be a very special kind of boor; someone who boasts of his coarseness and wants all the world to see it, rather than the usual variant in which the coarseness is clearly there, but it is not boasted about.

This very public coarseness must be at the root of the unbelievable arrogance of Francis.

“How can he do this?” – we have asked countless times when seeing him insulting the Blessed Virgin, separating children’s hands joint in prayer, or just not showing up at the concert. “Does he not realise he will look stupid in front of everyone?”

Perhaps he does. Perhaps he doesn’t.

But he will do it anyway, because this is the kind of boorishness that, in his “cultural” environment, people like him will boast about.

Seen from this perspective, all becomes clear.

Francis should have become a professional goalkeeper instead of a priest.

No improvement in footballer’s behaviour, of course; but what an immense gain for the Church!!

Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

Defrocking Catholicism

Worth more than tax money.

I have not followed the details of the matter. There might be something I have missed. Si sbalio, mi corigerete (look it up!).

But it seems to me that Father Pavone does more for the unborn in one day than all of the US Bishops, together, in a year. It seems to me that there is something deeply, fundamentally wrong in confusing an obviously Catholic issue like abortion with a strictly-intended party political activity.

Padre Pio, during the election of 1948, explicitly invited his faithful to vote to defeat Communism. Should we defrock him, too? And what about all those countless priests who, in former times, took obviously Catholic positions in political controversies? Should every priest who approved of anti-abortion legislation be defrocked, too?

Mind, I do not have all the story. There might be legal technicalities, and there might be other issues. But it seems to me that Father Pavone is not welcome within the US Church establishment, because it gives the lie to their way too cozy relationship with the Democratic Party, which has the right to kill the unborn as a fundamental part of their ideology.

Sheesh, the same people who allow angry lesbians every licence to pretend they are nuns, will defrock Pavone? The same people who consider Pelosi and Biden worthy of receiving communion, will deny Pavone his role as a priest? What is this, a joke?

I am not liking this and I am not buying it. If this is done out of fear that the Church could lose its tax-privileged status, then it is really disgraceful; then in that case, the right of the Church to talk Catholic should be defended vigorously in Court and, if necessary, the tax-privileged status renounced.

There must be more to this than meets the eyes.

I am grateful for link that give more background to the story.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

All Bells In Paradise

The Coventry Carol

Star Carol

Hating The Church And Showing It: How Francis Behaves When The Cameras Have Gone.

If you look at this article on Gloria TV you will see two dominants themes: the vulgarity and the dislike for Catholicism.

The first issue has been dealt with often on this little effort. We do not know exactly what expressions Francis would have, on this occasion, used that are considered vulgar. We know, however, that very vulgar expressions can even “escape” from his mouth when he speaks in public, as in the case of the famous Italian “c” word I wrote about in the past.

The matter is this: a guy who expresses himself in an extremely vulgar way involuntarily in public, is a man who expresses himself all the time in a vulgar way in private. In this case, Francis had no cameras around and was free to talk in his native language. I am not surprised that he would be perceived as a boor, as he so clearly is one.

More important, though, is the second aspect.

Francis had a short speech written for him. The speech was, as you can see from the link, beautifully Catholic. Francis must have read it shortly before “delivery time” and must have been so angry with its Catholic content, that he decided to ditch it altogether (there was, clearly, no time to prepare something alternative, probably because Francis’ favourite trannies had all remained in Italy).

I think that this attitude, this behaviour is, in fact, boorish in itself. A Pope has carefully crafted speeches exactly in order to be able to perform his duties at his best. Thinking that a short Q & A with an obviously uneducated, rambling, confused guy can be a valid replacement for solid Catholicism is, exactly, the mark of the uneducated guy, besides showing the lack of respect for his audience Francis has so often exhibited.

Still, this is not about class, or knowledge. This is about the obvious fact that Francis decided to ditch the speech exactly because its Catholic content was such a nuisance to him. I also suspect Francis must have been not a little angry after discovering that he had been ambushed with a Catholic speech. Short-tempered as the man clearly is, I can picture him very vividly as he gets into the impromptu “chat” in that kind of mood that makes his natural boorishness really pop out and, in order for it to get out to the press, he must have been really efficient at it.

Still, it is not about the manners, or the tone, or the class. Were he a saint, or at least a good guy, nobody would complain about the manners.

Padre Pio slapped people in the face and threw his sandals at his distracted pupils. But Padre Pio loved Christ and His Church with every cell of his body.

Does Francis?

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

A Time For War

Does not look like he needs peace…

The clowns at the Vatican have made themselves ridiculous again by offering the Vatican as a neutral place for negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine.

The answer from Moscow came post-haste: you have just finished to insult the Chechens and the Buryats, and you think that you are a trustworthy partner? They are, of course, right. A partner for peace must have the necessary prestige and the trust of both parties. The Vatican has none.

More in general, the Vatican seems to have missed that Russia and the Ukraine talk all the time, they merely use Turkey or Saudi Arabia as intermediaries.

The Muslim, journalist-murdering Saudis are trusted and considered more than the Vatican for negotiations between two Christian Countries who, both, recognise the Pope as their ultimate spiritual guide. Let that sink in.

Even more in general, there will be no peace talks because this one is, very simply, no time for peace. This is, sad as it is to recognise it, a time for war.

The Ukraine is in the midst of a mad rush towards self-destruction, likely fuelled (but not caused) by the horrible lies about the huge casualties they are suffering. The Russians have all the cards in their hands, all the time in the world, a bigger military industrial complex and more money in their coffers every month that passes. You don’t seek peace when you are preparing to crush your enemy. Plus, Zelensky & Co. have not finished yet to pump all the money they can from the West into their own pockets. Arms are becoming more scarce, but there are 30 million LED light bulbs coming in. Imagine the business!!

Whoever thinks that peace can be achieved now does not understand either the causes of this conflict, or the situation on the ground.

The Russians have a mission to accomplish, and they are now going to achieve the demilitarisation of the Ukraine to the end. If you want to know what that really means, look no further than Artemovsk: the slow, relentless, systematic annihilation of the enemy military potential.

It is extremely evident by now that Russia is looking beyond the military victory; they are looking at – and smartly shaping – the post-victory. If the Russians wanted to simply get some territories and stop the conflict, they would simply bomb all the bridges on the Dnepr. Not a one-day task, but certainly an achievable one. At that point, the Eastern front would be left without supply (just look at the map) and they would have to surrender within weeks, leaving Russia free to occupy all that is east of the river. But if they did so, and after the unavoidable release of the prisoners, they would be confronted with a country diminished in territory and economic power, but just as belligerent, probably more Neonazi, and certainly more russophobic than before. This, they clearly don’t want.

They want the Neonazis to be largely gone, as in: dead. They want the Ukrainian Army to survive the war as a scared ghost of its former self. They want the Ukrainians to understand, in the painful way they had coming, what happens if you give in to extremism, look the other way as countless civilians are massacred, and are so blinded that you live on lies. They want to give NATO (and the EU) a lesson for the ages, leaving them an empty formula without any power behind them, divided among them and, very possibly, now lethally wounded. They want the US to understand that the days of the unipolar super-duper-power have gone, and that they have been very, very wise not to push things too far. Still, make no mistake: if the US freak around, they will find out.

This is why this is no time for peace. There is a job to be done. It will take time, possibly a long time.

But peace will only come when one party begs for it on its knees, and it will not be Russia.

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Gardner)

Degrees Of Madness, Or: Blokette Wants To Be A Bloke Again.

No regrets, Bruce?

There was a madman in the US. He was a decorated veteran. His name was Beck, Chris Beck. US Navy Seal, no less. Elite troops stuff.

The man “came out” as a madman several years ago. He believed he was a woman. He did not receive – nor did he ask to – appropriate care in a mental institution. Instead, he was celebrated as a first-class bloke, now, gloriously, a blokette.

This was a boon for the Degenerate Left, as this decorated soldier could have been the macho-guy poster boy. What a joy, that he thinks he is a woman trapped in the body of a burly man!

CNN interviewed him. The guy became, for a short moment, a celebrity. The American Taxpayer paid money for the guy to disfigure his face, in the extremely stupid hope that a man would, after surgical disfiguration, actually become a woman. To my knowledge, he decided to keep his little friend down there. Mad, yes, but not that mad….

Fast forward around ten years, and blokette wants to be a bloke again. Not the first guy, I add, who discover that his sex is – to an extent – stronger than his madness.

As people in these circumstances do, the man blames a lot of people around him. Which would be fine if he was gravely retarded and incapacitated, rather than lucidly mad and, otherwise, clearly functional. However, he does not say with what virulence he would have condemned, or sued, those who, ten years ago, wanted to side with sanity; then you see, the half reasonable guy of today is the total bigot of ten years ago.

These guy should be merely mentioned as cautionary tales, but never as heroes or even good guys. They are not only part of the problem, they are a big part of how the problem grew in the first place.

If Hitler had not shot himself and, in Nuremberg, had expressed regret for the Holocaust, he should still have served a long, long time in jail. The evil done does not go away. One can help to minder it, but one cannot wash it away.

You are forgiven, Adolf. Well done. Now up to the jail with you.

Now, Elite Madman wants to be a man again. Do I think he has overcome his madness? It does not seem that way. As others before him, the guy does not seem to criticise the madness of the entire thinking in itself. He merely seems to criticise that his madness was not scrutinised for enough time, making sure he is really, really mad.

You will say “better late than never” and “better part sanity than total insanity”. I am not sure this is the way it works. Unconditionally praising a blokette who wants to be a bloke again has this aura of “gender theory light”, as even a gender theory activist would advocate for the right of the bloke to “change gender” again.

Our attitude should not be one of support. It should be one of thorough condemnation of every bloke who does not totally repent and apologise for his deed and does not openly condemn the idea of every bloke, in whatever circumstance, wanting to become a blokette.

Does Mr Beck make the grade? From what I understand, not in the least. He seems, in fact, perfectly fine with blokes more mad than him to mutilate or chemically poison themselves into blokettes, at least when they are of age. If it is not so, and the presstitudes simply try to limit the damage, he should give interviews to every Christian magazine in existence , and try to make amends in that way.

These people are no heroes. They aren’t “courageous”. They aren’t “on our side”. They merely complain that other people did their bidding too fast. They are not on the side of sanity.

Mind, I am not absolving the others. The clinics, the entire billion-dollar industry revolving around the Mr Becks of the world is utterly satanical. But you see: this entire industry exists merely because, ten years ago, the Mr Becks of the world were guilt-tripping the entire Anglo world.

Ten years later, the disease is spreading so much, that total madness in on its way to becoming mainstream. That did not happen because Hillary is evil (though Hillary is, most certainly, evil). This happened because of Me Beck, and a bunch of others like him.

Treat this guy as a cautionary tale. Mad guy is not as mad as he thought, but he keeps supporting madness for those madder than him is the correct narrative here.

But let him start talking reason again, and we will talk again.

“Ain’t No Mo” Is No Mo: The Woke Army Fails To Appear On The Gender Trenches.

Why pay for a show, if the circus comes to your home for free..

The wokest, leftistest, pervertedest, tranniest theatre production in America did not live for long.

More preview performances (22) than regular shows (21), do not exactly make for a success story to tell the lesbian, pierced girlfriend of your green-haired, tattooed daughter.

You know what I am going to say? I bet you do, but I am going to say it anyway:

Get woke, go broke!

This is the more surprising (or not, as the case may be) as the theatre production did not start in Peoria (as many, I am told, once did), but in the very midst of the Rotten Apple. This was a show tailored for one of the most degenerates crowd on the planet: New York.

Heavens, with all the degenerates and their friends living there, the show should have prospered for years!

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Either there are a lot of perverts disgusted by other perverts, or there are a lot of perverts not interested in being told they are perverts; most certainly, the vast majority of the population being, even in new York, undoubtedly straight, it is obvious that the army of virtue-signallers has failed to appear on the gender trenches, choosing romantic comedies at the cinema theatre instead.

Shocking, shocking, that they would not listen to Matthew Broderick! A man, this one, so intimately connected to issues of discrimination, having married a woman with a face so, so equine people give her carrots instead of flowers.

The cheapest tickets in Broadway, and you still fail. One goes to the theatre box office and asks “what’s the cheapest production you have?” The answer is “Ain’t No Mo, brilliantly blending sketch, satire, avant-garde theater, and a dose of drag “. Thank you, Sir, I prefer to go back to my Country and say to my friends I did *not* go the theatre.

Someone has lost a lot of money on this. Can’t say I am sad.

Enjoy your deviancy, folks.

In hell you will not have fun anymore.

Angels From The Realm Of Glory

9 1/2 Years

FrancisBishop head cover, 2022.

Bishop de Kerimel of Toulouse, France, has been seen sporting a yarmulke, thus continuing one of the most favourite sports of the FrancisCatholic, that is: doing everything he can to please everyone who is, actually, not Catholic.

This guy is – how can there be any doubt – another enemy of Traditionalism.

You understand here very well how the mechanism works: these people are against Traditionalism exactly because they fear Catholicism. This is, also, why they do everything they can to promote everything that is not Catholicism, from social justice to environment tales to, obviously, false religions.

It’s like having a fifth column working everyday on the destruction of the army in which they are enrolled.

And you know what the biggest problem is? Most soldiers haven’t even noticed yet.

The way to the regeneration of the Church goes through the happy-clapping Catholics in the pews opening their big blue eyes and realising that they are being duped by people who hate both them and our religion.

In this sense, Francis’ most disgraceful pontificate seems to also have, unwittingly, a providential role as, no doubt, many (though still way too few) have opened their eyes exactly by watching the man clowning around for – heavens! – now nine and a half year.

This, I’d say a bishop in yurmulka helps, too.

Look at these jokers, serious Catholic faithful, and realise that we, too, have a swamp to drain.

In The Bleak Midwinter

The First Nowell

The Sussex Carol

Quintuple Pandas’ Lives Matters. A Lot.

“I just struck a deal with the Biden administration”…

And it came to pass that the disastrous Biden administration wanted an exchange of prisoners with Russia to go along with the carols.

You might say that Paul Whelan, an ex marine accused of espionage and currently sitting in jail in Russia, would have been an excellent candidate. However, there are several problems with Whelan, namely: White, man and, presumably, straight. Likely America-loving, too. This is too much for the Biden administration, who would certainly not want to be accused of doing anything for The Patriarchy, ever.

Luckily (or not, see below) for Biden, the Russians happened to have in their jails, wasting the hard-earned tax roubles of their own people, a rare example of Quintuple Panda: female, black, lesbian, pothead, and America-hating Brittney Griner ticked all the boxes.

Oh, she is horribly tattooed, too. It will work well in Philadelphia.

Griner is the perfect virtue-signalling tool for the Democrat party. In order to have the pictures with her and her pretend-wife plastered all over “Vice”, they were ready to pay a very high price. You just can’t let the occasion go, not during Christmas time. Griner had to be freed at all costs. And a very high cost it was.

Enter Viktor Bout, the man believed to be the real-life guy of the “Lord of War” movie. This guy is, of course, a high prize for the Russians to get. The Russians, always smart, also recognised the humiliation factor that would befall on the Americans for freeing him. I must say that, whatever the inclinations of the Russian government for Bout are, they have played their cards wisely.

In the end, it was a one-to-one Bout against Griner exchange, with Whelan remaining in jail to keep reflecting o; the price you pay for being, well, normal.

Of course, the US have subtly implied that they would have chosen Whelan, but the Russians did not play ball. Think what this means: Whelan against Bout would still have been excellent for the Russians. But the Russians wanted more: they wanted to humiliate Biden & Co. and make them look, for all the world to see, like the pervert-worshiping cretins they are.

“Sorry pal, it’s the dyke or nothing. Feel free to reject the offer, though. No bad blood…”. We know how that ended…

Think of that for a moment: tanned, perverted, america-hating people are the new Dominant Group. They will be protected at any cost. The accusation of having freed a merchant of death must take second place to the consideration of having freed a specimen of the Special Ones.

This is America towards the end of 2022: a mad dystopia in which good is bad, bad is good, and perverted is best.

The Quintuple Panda is now back in the US, thinking, whilst smoking a joint, how she can monetise her stupidity and attack her country at the same time.

It’s easy to see why so many, in America, like Putin.

Thieves And Crookes


Mr Poroshenko, former Ukrainian Coup-President (like Joe, but with a brain), openly stated in the past that he only signed the Minsk agreement to gain time as the Ukraine was helped to rearm.

Very recently, Adolf Merkel stated the same: the Minsk agreements were meant to “buy time” for the Ukraine. Time for what? For a bloody military confrontation with The Bear, of course.

This clearly means that the West has no credibility whatsoever. Any government dealing with them is negotiating with crooks and thieves.

I hope that Mr Putin will not persuade himself, again, that these Countries (includes France, USA, & Co.; all of which have turned the other ways whilst the civilians in Donbas were massacred) are reliable negotiation partners. They aren’t.

Putin should continue the campaign for as long as he likes, welcome back to Russia as much of the Ukraine he deems fit, and stop listening to these clowns.

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