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In Dulci Jubilo

Bad Vibrations From Francis

Nice tune, but it does not work that way.

Francis must have listened to the Beach Boys too much, because he seems to think that there is really something like “good vibrations”. In a pope, this is quite the disgrace.

Atheists “send” “positive thoughts” because they want to show you that they care for you, though they have no faith. New age (that is: very old) guys might send “good vibrations” because they think that this mysterious non-divinity, “the universe”, will relay the message.

Christians pray for the people they love because, their lives being centred in Christ, they believe in heaven providentially helping those they have been providentially inspired to pray for.

Heaven is central in the idea of praying. It is nowhere in the alleged “sending” of these “thoughts” or “vibrations”. The Christian praying for his dying friend is really helping him. The atheist sending good vibrations to his dying friend is helping only himself (to feel good with himself).

Francis, being an atheist, does not get all this. More importantly, he does not get (or pretends not to get) that a pope encouraging atheists to “send” him whatever it is that atheists can(not) “send” him is, in fact, encouraging them in their atheism and validating them in their unbelief.

Again: prayers work and are useful; happy thoughts do not work and are useless (unless for the wannabe happy-thought-postman to feel good with himself). Good vibrations only apply to motorcycles, old pickup trucks, and stuff like that.

Francis is fully devoted to this unbelief. He wants you to know, at every step, that he is fully in synch with their own way of thinking. He wants to let them know that they are quite fine in their atheism, and that he has no intention to make any attempt at conversion.

Everybody is wonderful in his own way, particularly if he barks for social justice, or thinks that God’s creation can be endangered by farting cows and car exhausts. These are the ones Francis likes the most.

There is no cell in this man, not one, that believes in Christ.

I am very much afraid that he will die in his unbelief.

Let’s see what good “happy thoughts” and “good vibrations” will do to him then.

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