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Thieves And Crookes


Mr Poroshenko, former Ukrainian Coup-President (like Joe, but with a brain), openly stated in the past that he only signed the Minsk agreement to gain time as the Ukraine was helped to rearm.

Very recently, Adolf Merkel stated the same: the Minsk agreements were meant to “buy time” for the Ukraine. Time for what? For a bloody military confrontation with The Bear, of course.

This clearly means that the West has no credibility whatsoever. Any government dealing with them is negotiating with crooks and thieves.

I hope that Mr Putin will not persuade himself, again, that these Countries (includes France, USA, & Co.; all of which have turned the other ways whilst the civilians in Donbas were massacred) are reliable negotiation partners. They aren’t.

Putin should continue the campaign for as long as he likes, welcome back to Russia as much of the Ukraine he deems fit, and stop listening to these clowns.

The Coalition Of The Fagging Is Not Making Friends

The cure

I have just written about the new Indonesian legislation meant to criminalise sex outside of marriage.

I would like to add more comments about why this is, in my opinion, happening.

I think that the non-Anglosaxon world is now reacting, with an increasing amount of assertiveness, to the gender theories and celebration of perversion the West is relentlessly pushing.

This is, if you ask me, both a cultural and a political message. The first means that the Countries that are not part of the Coalition Of The Fagging are sending the signal that this kind of degeneracy is not going to be allowed to spread among them. The second means that those very same Countries are telling the United States that they are not afraid of the US trying to use its financial muscle to force them to adopt the logic of perversion.

I might, of course, be wrong. Heck, at one point I even thought Mike Pence was a decent guy! But I see a sort of tectonic shift happening, a slow, still faint, but more and more audible “enough!” being sent at the address of the Coalition Of The Fagging.

This Indonesian move looks, to me, like a brutal assertion of their own sovereignty every bit as a signal of restoration of conventional morality. It’s as if they would say: “Look at this, Joe! What are you going to do about this? Your move, grandpa, and think well in advance about what you might be getting into”.

There are two new kids on the block and, by now, those who have been paying attention know this situation is destined to stay. Not only Russia, but the formidable combined force of Russia and China are now extremely eager to get as many Countries as possible on their side. To these countries, they can offer an awful lot of economic advantages, and a promise of non interference in their internal affairs. Orthodox Christian Russia goes along famously with Communist China, with Hinduist India and with Catholic/Protestant Brazil. Their lack of mutual political interference is built in the very foundation of their economic collaboration.

This must be delightful news to all those Countries who have, in the past decades – and certainly from the onset of the Obama years – experienced the brutal attempts at cultural colonisation carried out by the United States.

Watch for many more countries wanting to join BRICS, and loathing the “one love, one world, one dildo” mentality of the declining Western Faggots.

In Dulci Jubilo

They Always Look The Same

Who the heck are you?

Indonesia has decided to ban sex outside of marriage, punishing it with up to one year of jail.

Before you know, there is a woke Catholic Priest complaining.

Notice, in the attached link, the look of the priest. The guy looks the same as your neighbour, on a June day, when he is about to start the lawnmower.

This kind of priest instantly tells to every person with a functioning brain that there is a problem with it. A priest who does not care for looking like a priest is a man who does not believe in the priesthood.

This guy is an obvious example. As a priest, his job is to work for the salvation of souls, not to work for the preservation of civil rights. Particularly if, as in this case, the measure is still meant to avoid mortal sin.

Of course, most in the West will say that this is not part of the Western tradition. Even the Papal States tolerated brothels (hence the expression, very commonly used, of “house of tolerance” to mean a brothel). So no, this is not aligned with our values.

But this is not the point. The point is why is the guy blathering about it instead of trying to save souls, and, likely even more to the point, why does this guy not want to look like a Priest.

I think I know why. In my experience, people who don’t want to look like priests don’t want to live a life befitting a priest. This, in turn, is because they have lost the faith.

When a priest loses his faith (if he ever had it), he will look for ways to feel good with himself, to get that self-validation and sense of purpose his profession cannot give him anymore. Hence, he creates a new one for himself, becoming an activist for this (social justice) or that (human rights) or that other (en-viiiiron-mennn-t).

This guy is even clamouring for the right of people to commit mortal sins; something which, whatever your position on the matter is, does not befit a priest.

You would think a priest has the elementary prudence to understand this. Unless, that is, the guy does not want to be a priest.

I wish every time one of these jokers is caught clamouring for his pet cause, he would be sent to a very remote parish, with an absolute ban on interviews and other public utterances.

And with the obligation to wear a cassock at all times.

You never know, at times miracles do happen.

The Last Struggle

I have read a couple of times now that, when a man is about to die, a great struggle takes place between the demon who wants him to die in despair or unbelief, and the angel who wants him to die at peace with the Lord.

This never fails to shock me, as in my simple mind, on the deathbed it should be already pretty clear who are those who will win the battle and it is, therefore, mildly terrifying to know that a last supreme effort will be put in place, when I am in my last minutes, to try to get me eternally damned. This gets worse if I think of those people I loved, and who died in a state of, to put it very charitably, very precarious faith.

It does not even have to be on the deathbed. If I am, say, predestined to die in a car accident, does hell get a heads up about the exact date and time? Will there be, then, a last ditch attempt to deprive me of my faith just there, in my car, minutes before the fatal impact and sudden death? Without a confessor around, without even me being aware that my eternal salvation is being decided right there, as I exit the motorway and head towards the truck that, losing control, will smash again my car without a warning? And if this will be attempted with me – who have, by God’s grace, a very strong faith and never for a second, in my now long life, was deprived of it – what will happen to those many, many people whose faith – of that, I am pretty certain – is not as solid as mine?

I don’t know how this is, and I only know that hell is allowing to know, of the future, only what heaven permits. Still, it seems to me that the answer to the danger is twofold: 1. Work every day on increasing your faith, and 2. Never take for granted that you will see tomorrow.

I think of it myself as a kind of long-term investment. If I make, every day, a deposit of prayer and faith in my little Salvation Investment Account, the investments will add little by little, and then start producing dividends, and increase in value as God’s grace multiplies my deposits with the passing of times.

In this way, when my day comes – whether I see it approaching, or not – I will have a strategic reserve that can be expended in the last battle.

But really, I would so much love that there would be no battle; I would love that death would take me with or without warning, but at peace with the Lord, without struggles and without doubts; then faith is now my most prized possession, my greatest pride (in the good sense) and my greatest help amid the challenges of life. Some people die in their sleep. J.P. Morgan did. Was his salvation investment account rich enough?

Still, the more prepared I am, and the fatter my Salvation Investment Account, the more likely is it that things will go just fine. God is not a capricious master, allowing one to go to his damnation just for dying “at the wrong moment”. He values the deposits in the Salvation Investment Account, and will hopefully help his investor not to deplete it.

Pray every day. In fact, pray the Rosary every day. You never know when your faith is attacked, so make it more and more impervious to attack.

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