The Coalition Of The Fagging Is Not Making Friends

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I have just written about the new Indonesian legislation meant to criminalise sex outside of marriage.

I would like to add more comments about why this is, in my opinion, happening.

I think that the non-Anglosaxon world is now reacting, with an increasing amount of assertiveness, to the gender theories and celebration of perversion the West is relentlessly pushing.

This is, if you ask me, both a cultural and a political message. The first means that the Countries that are not part of the Coalition Of The Fagging are sending the signal that this kind of degeneracy is not going to be allowed to spread among them. The second means that those very same Countries are telling the United States that they are not afraid of the US trying to use its financial muscle to force them to adopt the logic of perversion.

I might, of course, be wrong. Heck, at one point I even thought Mike Pence was a decent guy! But I see a sort of tectonic shift happening, a slow, still faint, but more and more audible “enough!” being sent at the address of the Coalition Of The Fagging.

This Indonesian move looks, to me, like a brutal assertion of their own sovereignty every bit as a signal of restoration of conventional morality. It’s as if they would say: “Look at this, Joe! What are you going to do about this? Your move, grandpa, and think well in advance about what you might be getting into”.

There are two new kids on the block and, by now, those who have been paying attention know this situation is destined to stay. Not only Russia, but the formidable combined force of Russia and China are now extremely eager to get as many Countries as possible on their side. To these countries, they can offer an awful lot of economic advantages, and a promise of non interference in their internal affairs. Orthodox Christian Russia goes along famously with Communist China, with Hinduist India and with Catholic/Protestant Brazil. Their lack of mutual political interference is built in the very foundation of their economic collaboration.

This must be delightful news to all those Countries who have, in the past decades – and certainly from the onset of the Obama years – experienced the brutal attempts at cultural colonisation carried out by the United States.

Watch for many more countries wanting to join BRICS, and loathing the “one love, one world, one dildo” mentality of the declining Western Faggots.

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  1. The Roman Empire required two things of its subjects: 1) pay your taxes and 2) keep the peace. After that they didn’t care. The U.S. and Europe has forgotten that lesson.

  2. I don’t know how anyone gets along with China. I guess if you can ignore their spying and infiltration and Communist regime and treatment of people as if they are not more than ants. It makes me wonder what kind of Christian nation are we talking about if all those can be ignored.
    But I don’t know anything anymore. And I’m more sick of the West than the residents of these other nations.

  3. Joseph D'hippolito

    Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world by population. Given how devout Muslims view homosexuality, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

  4. The oligarchs that have overthrown the US from within have welcomed China, have transferred America’s prosperity TO China, have allowed the infiltration, buying up of land, and spying, and the Bidens are on their payroll. I very much doubt that this is the situation with Putin.

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