They Always Look The Same

Who the heck are you?

Indonesia has decided to ban sex outside of marriage, punishing it with up to one year of jail.

Before you know, there is a woke Catholic Priest complaining.

Notice, in the attached link, the look of the priest. The guy looks the same as your neighbour, on a June day, when he is about to start the lawnmower.

This kind of priest instantly tells to every person with a functioning brain that there is a problem with it. A priest who does not care for looking like a priest is a man who does not believe in the priesthood.

This guy is an obvious example. As a priest, his job is to work for the salvation of souls, not to work for the preservation of civil rights. Particularly if, as in this case, the measure is still meant to avoid mortal sin.

Of course, most in the West will say that this is not part of the Western tradition. Even the Papal States tolerated brothels (hence the expression, very commonly used, of “house of tolerance” to mean a brothel). So no, this is not aligned with our values.

But this is not the point. The point is why is the guy blathering about it instead of trying to save souls, and, likely even more to the point, why does this guy not want to look like a Priest.

I think I know why. In my experience, people who don’t want to look like priests don’t want to live a life befitting a priest. This, in turn, is because they have lost the faith.

When a priest loses his faith (if he ever had it), he will look for ways to feel good with himself, to get that self-validation and sense of purpose his profession cannot give him anymore. Hence, he creates a new one for himself, becoming an activist for this (social justice) or that (human rights) or that other (en-viiiiron-mennn-t).

This guy is even clamouring for the right of people to commit mortal sins; something which, whatever your position on the matter is, does not befit a priest.

You would think a priest has the elementary prudence to understand this. Unless, that is, the guy does not want to be a priest.

I wish every time one of these jokers is caught clamouring for his pet cause, he would be sent to a very remote parish, with an absolute ban on interviews and other public utterances.

And with the obligation to wear a cassock at all times.

You never know, at times miracles do happen.

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  1. His name is Fr. Madung? He smells like it!

  2. He should be brought up on Canon Law charges and defrocked. This man isn’t a true priest but a social worker for the world. God bless~

  3. This ‘priest’ will soon be ordained a bishop.

    love your insight thank you so much for bringing to light so much that is kept in the shadows

  4. We had a local priest here who was the chief wreckovator of parishes all over the diocese, and also the neighboring diocese. He filled his own parish with pagan symbols and statues of angels playing electric guitars. For fulfilling the prophecy of Our Lady of Akita about the looting and sacking of churches, he won great praise and acclaim in all the Right Circles. Then he published an article in the local rag denouncing the Church’s teaching on same-sex “marriage.” The now-deceased bishop responded, not by suspending the priest, consigning him to a monastery to lead a life of penance, or any other penalty, but by burbling about the priest’s right to free speech and that the bishop and the Church “disagreed” with the priest’s opinion. Later on — shocker of shockers — the priest got caught with a massive stash of child porn and illegal drugs. Only after his sentencing was he deposed from the clerical state, a thing I doubt would have happened if he had “only” violated Church law and not secular laws. He ended up dying in prison a couple of years ago.

    Interior degeneracy manifests itself exteriorly. Every priest, therefore, who manifestly lives a life unbecoming his state, revels in ugliness and sacrilege, and goes public with his opposition to the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, should be yanked from ministry and put under a microscope. It is the height of stupidity to think that anyone who publicly clamors against Christian morality is nevertheless abiding by it in private.

  5. I want someone in authority to define the concept of “intention” when it comes to the Sacrament of Orders. Traditionally, it meant “to do what the Church intends”. It is difficult to argue that a bishop who ordained a man like this, or the man himself, has any intention of being an actual Catholic priest, or if the even know what a priest is. That also calls into question the validity of the sacrament. Sadly, people just assume that if a ceremony is taking place in a Catholic church, it is Catholic and valid. There are reasons why the Church has established criteria for valid sacraments: because men have done their own things and led the faithful astray.

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