Quintuple Pandas’ Lives Matters. A Lot.

“I just struck a deal with the Biden administration”…

And it came to pass that the disastrous Biden administration wanted an exchange of prisoners with Russia to go along with the carols.

You might say that Paul Whelan, an ex marine accused of espionage and currently sitting in jail in Russia, would have been an excellent candidate. However, there are several problems with Whelan, namely: White, man and, presumably, straight. Likely America-loving, too. This is too much for the Biden administration, who would certainly not want to be accused of doing anything for The Patriarchy, ever.

Luckily (or not, see below) for Biden, the Russians happened to have in their jails, wasting the hard-earned tax roubles of their own people, a rare example of Quintuple Panda: female, black, lesbian, pothead, and America-hating Brittney Griner ticked all the boxes.

Oh, she is horribly tattooed, too. It will work well in Philadelphia.

Griner is the perfect virtue-signalling tool for the Democrat party. In order to have the pictures with her and her pretend-wife plastered all over “Vice”, they were ready to pay a very high price. You just can’t let the occasion go, not during Christmas time. Griner had to be freed at all costs. And a very high cost it was.

Enter Viktor Bout, the man believed to be the real-life guy of the “Lord of War” movie. This guy is, of course, a high prize for the Russians to get. The Russians, always smart, also recognised the humiliation factor that would befall on the Americans for freeing him. I must say that, whatever the inclinations of the Russian government for Bout are, they have played their cards wisely.

In the end, it was a one-to-one Bout against Griner exchange, with Whelan remaining in jail to keep reflecting o; the price you pay for being, well, normal.

Of course, the US have subtly implied that they would have chosen Whelan, but the Russians did not play ball. Think what this means: Whelan against Bout would still have been excellent for the Russians. But the Russians wanted more: they wanted to humiliate Biden & Co. and make them look, for all the world to see, like the pervert-worshiping cretins they are.

“Sorry pal, it’s the dyke or nothing. Feel free to reject the offer, though. No bad blood…”. We know how that ended…

Think of that for a moment: tanned, perverted, america-hating people are the new Dominant Group. They will be protected at any cost. The accusation of having freed a merchant of death must take second place to the consideration of having freed a specimen of the Special Ones.

This is America towards the end of 2022: a mad dystopia in which good is bad, bad is good, and perverted is best.

The Quintuple Panda is now back in the US, thinking, whilst smoking a joint, how she can monetise her stupidity and attack her country at the same time.

It’s easy to see why so many, in America, like Putin.

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  1. The Russians clearly figured that if we wanted Griner back that badly, then we deserve her.

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