Degrees Of Madness, Or: Blokette Wants To Be A Bloke Again.

No regrets, Bruce?

There was a madman in the US. He was a decorated veteran. His name was Beck, Chris Beck. US Navy Seal, no less. Elite troops stuff.

The man “came out” as a madman several years ago. He believed he was a woman. He did not receive – nor did he ask to – appropriate care in a mental institution. Instead, he was celebrated as a first-class bloke, now, gloriously, a blokette.

This was a boon for the Degenerate Left, as this decorated soldier could have been the macho-guy poster boy. What a joy, that he thinks he is a woman trapped in the body of a burly man!

CNN interviewed him. The guy became, for a short moment, a celebrity. The American Taxpayer paid money for the guy to disfigure his face, in the extremely stupid hope that a man would, after surgical disfiguration, actually become a woman. To my knowledge, he decided to keep his little friend down there. Mad, yes, but not that mad….

Fast forward around ten years, and blokette wants to be a bloke again. Not the first guy, I add, who discover that his sex is – to an extent – stronger than his madness.

As people in these circumstances do, the man blames a lot of people around him. Which would be fine if he was gravely retarded and incapacitated, rather than lucidly mad and, otherwise, clearly functional. However, he does not say with what virulence he would have condemned, or sued, those who, ten years ago, wanted to side with sanity; then you see, the half reasonable guy of today is the total bigot of ten years ago.

These guy should be merely mentioned as cautionary tales, but never as heroes or even good guys. They are not only part of the problem, they are a big part of how the problem grew in the first place.

If Hitler had not shot himself and, in Nuremberg, had expressed regret for the Holocaust, he should still have served a long, long time in jail. The evil done does not go away. One can help to minder it, but one cannot wash it away.

You are forgiven, Adolf. Well done. Now up to the jail with you.

Now, Elite Madman wants to be a man again. Do I think he has overcome his madness? It does not seem that way. As others before him, the guy does not seem to criticise the madness of the entire thinking in itself. He merely seems to criticise that his madness was not scrutinised for enough time, making sure he is really, really mad.

You will say “better late than never” and “better part sanity than total insanity”. I am not sure this is the way it works. Unconditionally praising a blokette who wants to be a bloke again has this aura of “gender theory light”, as even a gender theory activist would advocate for the right of the bloke to “change gender” again.

Our attitude should not be one of support. It should be one of thorough condemnation of every bloke who does not totally repent and apologise for his deed and does not openly condemn the idea of every bloke, in whatever circumstance, wanting to become a blokette.

Does Mr Beck make the grade? From what I understand, not in the least. He seems, in fact, perfectly fine with blokes more mad than him to mutilate or chemically poison themselves into blokettes, at least when they are of age. If it is not so, and the presstitudes simply try to limit the damage, he should give interviews to every Christian magazine in existence , and try to make amends in that way.

These people are no heroes. They aren’t “courageous”. They aren’t “on our side”. They merely complain that other people did their bidding too fast. They are not on the side of sanity.

Mind, I am not absolving the others. The clinics, the entire billion-dollar industry revolving around the Mr Becks of the world is utterly satanical. But you see: this entire industry exists merely because, ten years ago, the Mr Becks of the world were guilt-tripping the entire Anglo world.

Ten years later, the disease is spreading so much, that total madness in on its way to becoming mainstream. That did not happen because Hillary is evil (though Hillary is, most certainly, evil). This happened because of Me Beck, and a bunch of others like him.

Treat this guy as a cautionary tale. Mad guy is not as mad as he thought, but he keeps supporting madness for those madder than him is the correct narrative here.

But let him start talking reason again, and we will talk again.

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  1. There may be more that we don’t know about this guy. The military are used as guinea pigs all the time, drugs, “vaccines”, psyops, etc. This guy may have been an MKultra subject, like Ted Kaszinski. Sounds far-out, but I no longer think anything is beyond these “transhumanists” (eugenicist utopian control freaks).

    • Guy clearly wanted it every step of the way. You don’t get “guinea-pigged” into believing you are a woman.

    • That’s how it appears, and what the media told us. He commented about as a child being drawn to female clothing, and feeling that dressing in women’s clothing gave him a feeling of relief, release. This sounds like the guy was simply a cross dresser, still sexually attracted to women, but had the desire to dress as a woman as a “release”, which was an embarassing, and not uncommon, fetish. Being a macho SEAL guy, he may have sought psychiatric help for this behavior, and the shrink talked him into the tranny route. Initially, it may have felt “right” to him, but then he still had the hetero attraction. I have read that Bruce Jenner may simply have an extreme fetish for women and women’s clothing, etc., given his hetero history, and his strange, stereotypified “female” behavior. There are a lot of odd sexual neuroses/fetishes, and it seems they have vanished, much like seasonal flu vanished with the advent of “Covid-19”. This makes the “trans” putsch appear larger than it is, as everything sexual is morphed into it, and heterosexuality is marginalized.

    • He, nothing of what you say deprives him of any of his agency, or responsibility. And again, the jump from “still attracted to women” to “wants to be a woman” is an oceanic one.
      Let us not make excuses for this behaviour. There aren’t any.

    • Of course he is responsible, Mr Mundabor. And if he is sincere, he probably knows it well. All I am arguing is that people are being deceived, especially people without benefit of proper catechesis and lacking discernment, and falling into terrible traps trusting “experts instead of God.

    • No doubt about that!

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