Cretins With Connections: How The Dumbocracy Damages The West

I have written many times about something that is, I think, more relevant every month that passes: the dumb-ification of knowledge and the utter ignorance of people who think of themselves as “educated”.

You see: once upon a time, every peasant knew he was merely a peasant. He could be smart, even very smart; but, with the wisdom given by hard work and by having to live strictly attached to the hard realities of life, he knew that his realm of knowledge was very limited, and deferred to those who knew more than him (in primis, to the traditional wisdom of the Church) for the rest. Most of those peasants, at least in Europe, did not have the right to vote anyway until the XIX Century, and very many also during the XIX Century. You did not run any danger that your foreign policy be influenced by people demanding silly action (“we need a no-fly zone over the Ukraine, now!!”) on stuff they did nothing about.

Fast forward to the XXI Century. Here in the UK where I live, and – as I understand – in all the other Countries of the Anglosphere, an absurd situation has been created. A horde of people barely able to count and write, and in possession of an astonishing wealth of ignorance about pretty much everything, heavily and directly influence the political action through their collective social media activity.

This would be half the headache if, on the other side of the election divide, there was a high-quality political personnel, able to impose their intelligent leadership to the mutinous, loud pack of social media wolves. However, in the long term, and bar individual circumstances, this can never be, as the elected will, in a representative democracy, irresistibly tend to represent the dumbness of their voters. Liz Truss is the most evident recent example of this, but you only need to look at the childish mistakes made by von der Leyen & Co. to realise how far the rot has gone. Nor is there any improvement in sight: after von der Leyen, who has been Defence Minister for years in her native Country, showed she still does not know the difference between an officer and a soldier (nor do those who edit, or write, her speeches), there was nobody in the mainstream press pointing out the obvious, blindingly evident, tragic incompetence of the woman. We elect, accept, and follow cretins with connections. As a result, we decline socially, militarily and economically.

A nasty virus unchains a dystopian, global dictatorship-of-the-cretins that, whilst extremely embarrassing in dictatorships or “protected” democracies, it is absolutely damning for those who have made of freedom their hymn. Elections are stolen in front of an entire nation, and there is simply no failsafe against the betrayal of a handful of key people (in this case: the Supreme Court and the Vice President). The disease had been spreading for a while, though: already in the first decades of the Century, the idea that popular votes that result in the “wrong” decision need to be repeated until the “right” decision is reached (at which point no discussion will be allowed anymore) were seen as normal over all the EU “democracies”. The rot has been spreading for a while, but now it really is everywhere.

Why do I say this? Because it seems to me that this dumbocracy has caused a disconnect between wishful thinking and reality, the like of which I have never seen in my life. It’s like seeing Baghdad Bob on the MSM, seven days a week, talking about Iraq’s impending victory. Goebbels was, at least, half-honest in admitting the difficulties as they accumulated. The British Ministry of Defence doesn’t manage to do even that.

You see: the illiterate degree-holders absolutely want to read, to know, and to (extremely important for dumb, effeminate people) feel that the Ukraine is winning. They have the little flag on their social media profile. All their friends know how wonderfully engaged they are. All their friends are, by the way, just as dumb as they are, reinforcing the circle of dumbness daily. They also think themselves extremely smart (though they can barely count, or cannot count at all; yes, that’s how bad it is here in the UK…), which makes the self-restraint of the XVII Century’s peasant inconceivable. They will not countenance any opinion, or any public policy, in contrast with their own Great Virtuous Posturing.

In the (broadly functioning) democracies we have in the European West, this selects (in many cases, of course not in all of them) decision-makers who are just as dumb as those who, directly or indirectly, puts them in power. The Dumbocracy is the unavoidable bastard son of the Mass Degree Illiteracy, coupled with the Social Media Feelings Factory.

Just a little bit of critical search for sensible information (try here, here, here, here, here, or here just to make some examples) would show you the real situation on the ground.

Why I say this? I am, after all, not on the terrace of the Baghdad hotel, watching the Abrams advance whilst Baghdad Bob swears that the Americans are retreating. I am not there, and neither are you. I say it because I apply rules of basic logic to the information I receive, and these rules allow for only one possible outcome. Let us see them.

It is admitted by both sides that this one here is an old-style, conventional, industrial warfare. Forget the A-10 launching a precision strike on the hideout of some goat-rapists in sandals. This is a brutal, massive mutual shelling. Again, this is an undisputed fact.

It is similarly not disputed that, in this brutal shelling affair, the Russians have an advantage ranging from 8 to 1 to 10 to 1. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the Ukraine has better gunners. In fact, there is every reason to believe the Russians have the better ones. The Ukrainians may have a limited advantage, in some situations, from the use of the more sophisticated (for now) Western satellites, but this proved an advantage only in rare circumstances. As a whole, it’s 8 to 1, and I am been extremely generous. This means that, on an average, boring combat day, at least eight Ukrainians die for every Russian.

The numbers on the ground also speak volumes: Zaluzhny himself admitted that of his 700,000 soldiers, “200,000 are combat-ready”. The others are, frankly speaking, cannon fodder, for whom Ukraine is awaiting some equipment, training and logistics miracle that will clearly not happen.

Then there are the distances to consider: the Ukrainians themselves admit that their own logistics lines, and the distances to the next hospital, repair shop and ammo depot are way longer than for the Russians. What does this spell for the destiny of the wounded, and for the general ability to sustain the fight, I don’t need to tell you, because I have intelligent readers.

But let us forget all this, and let us talk macroeconomics instead. The Russians have an intact military-industrial complex, which is currently being ramped up like there is no tomorrow; they have all the energy and raw materials they can dream of, and then some; they have around 5 times the population when you consider all the people who have disappeared from the Ukraine; they are swimming in money from all the expensive energy they sell the world over, in no small measure thanks to the idiocy of the sanctions; they have had a teeny-weeny micro recession of 2.5% of GDP, and are now recovering very fast. They have such support at home that together with the 300,000 who were mobilised there were another 100,000 on a purely voluntary basis. Go here or here or here to see how normal, how utterly ordinary daily life in the time of the Special Military Operation is in Moscow. Then compare to what Baghdad Bob tells you about how things are going there.

Let us compare and contrast with the Ukraine: destroyed defence industry, lack of everything starting from energy and extending to weaponry and ammo, 200,000 combat ready against at least 500,000 (and counting) from the other side, a half-disappeared population, a (more than) half-destroyed economy, debts piling up like it’s the Last Day On Earth, dependency from the western sugar daddy even to pay the wages of their civil servants, and a cocaine addict at the helm. Yes, it is that bad.

How does Baghdad Bob counter the blindingly obvious facts on the ground? By lying and relying on the fact that his illiterate audience just does not want to see, or think, or – if they only could – count. I keep reading generic stuff like “the Ukraine will win because they are so courageous” (fun fact: the Ukrainians are, largely, Russians and, therefore, as tough as nails just like the latter), “the Ukraine will win because the Russians are demotivated” (how massacring your enemy 8 to 1 can ever be demotivating is never explained; I’d rather think the Russian soldiers must be euphoric), “the Ukrainian Army is awaiting for Western weapons before launching the next offensive” (only, less and less is coming in). It’s the kind of emotional baloney people want to read, which is why the BBC and Co. eagerly feed it to them.

Therefore, the Dumbocracy keeps throwing money at the Ukraine, the Ukraine keeps committing a slow suicide, and the followers of the cult of the blue and yellow flag keep indulging in their delusions of victory.

The awakening will come. But don’t wake them up now.

They would not understand what you are talking about, would call you some name, and would go back to sleep.

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  1. Gee: you’d almost think the whole purpose of a democracy is precisely to be turned into an oligarchy. You’d almost think the oligarchs want a dumbed-down populace, befogged by drugs and pornography, that can be more easily led around by the nose. You’d almost think that oversight of government officials by We The People really amounts to no oversight whatsoever, and that it’s no coincidence that executive monarchy has been all but annihilated in the West. You’d almost think we were brought to this state of affairs on purpose.

    Not that the parasites who rule over us aren’t mostly themselves stupid, incompetent and arrogant. But their ruler has not lost the angelic intellect that was native to him in his beginning.

  2. I don’t know why, but I keep being surprised by adult men & women (politicians) acting thoroughly emotional about Z and his green shirt and his pouting face, as if he were some type of hero. ‘He HAS to win! Look how sincere he is!’ And the converse: ‘Look how mean Putin looks!’ It is like a high school popularity contest. However, there aren’t usually too many dead after the high school contest, so this war’s actual casualty numbers are going to come as a shock if anyone ever looks at them. It is pretty sad to know that it is likely to continue in the same way for an unknown time for us mortals. I am grateful God knows what He is up to.

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