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The Immense Impiousness (and Stupidity) Of Bogus “Science”

Shut up, ugly bitch…

Elon Musk has just clobbered Paul Ehrlich, the infamous inventor of the “population bomb” hoax, which stated that, in the Seventies, hundreds of millions of people would starve to death. Fifty years after this theory proved hot air, Ehrlich, now 90, keeps going around and selling bogus science. I imagine he lived a very comfortable existence thanks to it.

The ones I am more angry with, however, are the common people who, in their worship of “science”, believe every hoax that is sold to them under the pretence of being a fact; and I am the most angry at them if they also claim that they are Christians.

The idea that it be bad for Creation that creatures are born is an obvious negation of every concept about Divinity. Not only a Christian, but every heathen who stops and thinks should immediately realise that it just can’t be that your omnipotent creator makes a planet and forgets to leave instructions about its maximum capacity.

The same applies, of course, to the climate stuff: we are asked to believe that God made his world so imperfect, so delicate, in such an uncertain equilibrium, that mere stuff like eating meat (is in the Bible), travelling (is in the Bible) or living in comfort (is in the Bible) destroys the planet, because God obviously is not smart enough to “do stuff” properly, and thank God we have the “scientists” to inform us about the fact.

Paul Ehrlich, if he were serious (serious, in German, is “ehrlich”), would immediately preface his theory with the caveat that no Christian could ever believe it, because it run exactly contrary to the existence of God. Similarly, Al Gore should have informed us of the very inconvenient truth that nothing of what he claims is compatible with the Christian faith.

None of them, to my knowledge, do it. The sheep, always looking for a new fad, a new wave of signalling virtue, or a new apocalypse, absorb the rubbish like sponges and do not even stop one moment to reflect that, if they believe such theories, they have certainly taken leave from the concept of a good, wise, omnipotent God.

Both hoaxes (the population and the climate one) advocate for population control and restrictions of freedoms. Certainly the latter (and possibly the former) also pushes for a new “world order” that clearly shows the desire to remake humanity in their own resemblance. The cynicism, the cruelty, and the oppression built-in in such ideology show the real aim of their proponents: earth as a religion-free space where “sage technocrats” make all the important decisions for the sake of the dumb sheep, whose task is to contribute to the immense riches of the billionaires and their stooges, work, shut up, make children in the approved number and die. But no worries, they will get all possible pine, sex toy, sexual amusements and sexual perversion, so they can happily slide towards death (and hell) thinking they are having “fun”.

No Christian with a brain can accept this. This kind of bogus “science”must be rejected as being entirely impious, I would say factually blasphemous. All these doomsday scenarios can be refuted in the simplest of ways:

by pointing to a crucifix.

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