The Funeral: Two Takeaways

“They overcooked my Porterhouse Steak again….”

I had the opportunity to watch a short fraction of the funeral of the Pontiff Emeritus. Two things, of this event, struck me the most.

The First: Francis’ girth.

It seems to me that the man keeps getting larger. The camera footage from the side, as he theatrically held his head near the coffin of a man he certainly never liked, and very probably never esteemed, showed a man shockingly different from his 2013 version. It was also fairly clear that that stick/crutch he held is now indispensable if he wants to move on his own, and that the sciatica-induces limp is now quite pronounced. I can’t say he looks healthy. Of course, fasting would, as widely reported, be of great help in treating his fatness-induced issues of sciatica and general mobility. But it looks like oh so spiritual Francis prefers to feast instead.

2022 Francis compared to 2013 Francis: double the fat, same heresy content.

What shall I say: “soon, soon!” ?

The second: the sermon.

I have not listened to the homily/sermon, but reports indicates that Benedict was, as a whole, ignored, apart from some obligatory, very short references. I would call this a last slap in the face of the German Shepherd from his successor, the Argentinian Bouncer.

You would expect a sermon to focus on the dearly departed, extolling his theological stature, gentle mind, towering intellect, shepherd’s zeal etc. If the sermon is, however, completely about other issues, you can safely interpret this as Francis’ desire to show you, on the last worldwide televised occasion, how high (or low) his consideration for Benedict is. This is, I am afraid, classic FrancisBoor, and will go down in history together with the empty seat at the concert and the mocking of those praying the rosary for him.

So, not much news from this funeral.

Here’s hoping I will, soon, be able to write about another one; one which, hopefully, will lead to an improvement from the dismal situation we have today.

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  1. I did not watch the funeral (it started at 1:30 a.m. my time). But as for the sermon: since there is not supposed to be an eulogy at a funeral Mass, maybe we could shrug and say that, on this occasion, Pope Francis respected a liturgical norm.

  2. From what I recall the sermons of any funeral are not to focus on the deceased but on the Gospel, death, etc. I even think it’s in Canon Law but don’t quote me:+) This is one of those intersections where what “Pope” Francis does is right…like a broken clock getting it right twice a day:+) God bless~

  3. It is worse. I recommend you to read this article (in Spanish) that lists all the behind-the-scenes scorns to Benedict XVI:

    El mezquino corazón del Papa Francisco (Pope Francis’ mean heart):

  4. grassrootgonzo

    I’m not getting the Bergogio hostility toward B16. Maybe he didn’t like the partial resignation? It would have been easy enough to assassinate him, and I doubt Bergoglio and his communist minions would have the least scruple about that.

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