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Woke Marxist Circus Now In The UK

Woke madness has finally reached the UK. Actually, perhaps it was there already, but I wasn’t aware the issue was so virulent.

The message of this short video is quite astonishing:

  1. Obsess about every word.
  2. If you don’t, your “mental health” will suffer,
  3. Therefore, kindly be a bitch to everybody.
  4. If you think it might just be you being too fussy, you are part of the problem.
  5. Don’t make compliments to members of minorities, or to people with disabilities.
  6. Also, never tell anybody he will have to do some work.

As a wider observation, I can tell you that, wherever I have worked in the UK, I have found a very matter-of-fact, down-to-earth atmosphere, totally devoid of racial tensions. In fact, I would say that, as a whole, the Brit have a rather solid attitude to “diversity”. They are also blessedly devoid of excuse-making for criminals, whose skin colour interests exactly nobody.

This should, of course, all change now. The woke troops are on the march. They will teach millions of adolescents that they are *supposed to have grievances*.

Blessedly, the above video does not count the matter of perversion; but you and I understand that this is merely because this kind of indoctrination always happens by degree and, at least in an environment like the British one, you have to proceed cautiously.

Ask Meghan Markle how the Brit reacted to her racial grievances and you will start having an idea of what I am talking about.

More in general, it seems to me that all this desire to be offended is the fruit of the Marxist culture trying to conquer the UK exactly as it is slowly managing to conquer America. Marxism is based on the fundamental struggle between the “oppressor” and the “oppressed”. This is another way to say that, if you are a Marxist, you need to coagulate around you all those who can be recruited as made to feel “alternative” to the “dominant” block. This is the reason why rabid leftist try to coalesce around around them both Muslims and homos, two groups which, once in power, would not get along so well.

Of course, the “dominant” block does not care a straw about your ethnicity, skin colour etc, as they are merely interested in what makes them richer. It is the Marxists who uses all these grievances as Trojan Horses to attack all the institutions of the West, starting with the Church, going through the Family, and ending with Capitalism.

And in fact, a decent Christian (and perhaps even a decent Muslim, of whom I have known more than a couple) would react, in such situation as those described in the video, in the opposite way as the one that is wished.

Perhaps we should all start behaving as the maker of the video suggests: “I was tempted to congratulate for your intelligence but you’re black, therefore it is not appropriate”, or “why do you expect a compliment from me? It’s because you’re blind?”

The first victims of this, though, are the very people who operate in such an environment.

Constant walking on eggshells. Constant apologising. Constant having to agree with the more and more outlandish definitions of “aggression”. Their life must be hell.

Meanwhile, normal people keep behaving normally.

Let us hope that normality carries the day in the end.

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