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Baghdad Bob vs Battlefield Buddha: How Soledar Shows Where Things Are Going.

You are screwed, Mr Arestovich…

Soledar has fallen. Whilst this is not yet officially official, the town is surrounded, there are around 500 Ukrainians soldiers that could not be evacuated, 120-130 of them have already surrendered and negotiations are ongoing in some pockets of resistance, whilst a small number seems intentioned to keep fighting (not for long, of course). When many of my readers read this, the situation will have progressed already.

Make no mistake: the loss of Soledar spells the end for Bakhmut, now surrounded to 70% and clearly not defendable. The loss of Bakhmut, which is sure to come in the next weeks (how many weeks, it will depend from Ukrainian masochism) will, in turn, be fatal to Seversk, which is clearly untenable once the front has pulverised in the south. This is a dagger firmly planted in the back of the entire Ukrainian defensive line.

The disaster is clearly visible to anyone who is not blind. One who loves to pretend to be such is, as usual, Mr Arestovich, now intent at minimising and downplaying the loss. It’s like being stabbed in the abdomen and saying “it’s a scratch”.

It is Baghdad Bob at work. But I suspect Mr Arestovich is embezzling way more than Baghdad Bob ever could. Therefore, all is fine in his world, at least for now.

Some, in the West, are beginning to say what should not be said. Condoleezza Rice has already understood, as has Robert Gates. In polite word, they describe how screwed the Ukraine is. They are biased, of course, but they get the gist.

Putin will not lose. There will be a Russian victory or a nuclear war, Watson.

Many, I think, understand by now where this is going. Few, for now, dare to speak, as the Ukraine is never slow in blasting everyone who dares to doubt the Luminous Victorious Destiny of the Brave People Of Ukraine. But the few will become more and more as the months pass, and at some point the realisation will set in that this massive virtue signalling operation was doomed from the start, and had zero point zero chances of achieving the openly stated aim (= subversion of Russia from the outside, as already done with the Ukraine from the inside).

Soledar’s fall shows that the Emperor has no clothes, no plan, no weapon’s, no ammo, no brain, and no way out. It will take time, but we’ll get there in the end. Putin is patient, and General Surovikin seems a real Battlefield Buddha.

Many, as of today, still choose to live in fantasy land. The next months will care to wake them up.

I expect you to remember that this little effort told you things as they are from the start.

When people refuse to see reality, other people die on the battlefield. The sooner the people in the West understand the nature of what is happening, the sooner this useless carnage will end.

Pray for the soldiers, even the Ukrainian ones, and their families.

May we all, one day, rejoice in heaven together.

Haters Gonna Hate.

Cardinal Pell has just died, apparently after a hip operation (it seems reasonable to be, full anaesthesia at 81 is no walk in the park). May he rest in peace, and his martyrdom bring him great joy, one day, in heaven.

The man spent 13 months of detention, and the related worldwide humiliation, because of accusations that, once the details emerged, appeared patently absurd. Imagine what it must be, as an aged Cardinal, to face detention. I am not the only one, I am sure, to suspect that either the accusation or the prosecution were heavily influenced, or I should say motivated, by the fact that the Cardinal was one of the few who, actually, spoke like a Catholic.

But I am not writing about this. I am writing about something else.

A short internet stroll will persuade you or the venomous hate existing against Catholicism.

Get some Twitter comments about the Cardinals, and realise that all those bitter, venomous people insulting and slandering the Cardinal in life and in death would likely unconditionally support the presumption of innocence and the respect for court decisions, when the decisions regard people they like.

Not with Pell, of course. Venom as much as you want. Blank hatred.

Make no mistake: this is hate against the Church, exercised towards a target who, being Catholic clergy, is acceptable to the liberal crowd.

Of course, these are the people blathering about hate all the time.

They will have their reward, and I suspect that, for very many of them, it will be a different one than the reward of this courageous Cardinal.

Rest in peace, Cardinal Pell.

I am confident that, where you are now, there are no haters.

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