The Explanation Of Everything

Where Mundabor proves that LGBT is good…

I am, today, proud to say to my readers that I have made a very important discovery. I will be praised for centuries to come. My name will never die.

You are welcome.

The discovery is that the human DNA has fundamentally changed in the last 50 to 60 years.

We are, basically, different humans now from what we were just half a century ago.

I can prove it, of course.

Up to just a few years ago, a person was born either a man or a woman. It was very easy to recognise this, because men and women had different physical characteristics, even different reproductive organs. But this is not so anymore.

Now, human nature has changed. One can look like a man, and be a woman, or look like a woman, and be a man! In fact, the genetic modification of human beings has become so strong, that the same person could be a man today, and a woman tomorrow! I know that, because the BBC and the Democrat Party have told me so. It’s easy, then, to come to the revolutionary conclusion that all is rooted in our evolving DNA.

Of course, some people will try to prove to you that I am wrong. They might say, for example, that humans can never change, because if humans changed we would need a new religion. But you see, this shows exactly that their premise is wrong.

Humans have changed. Therefore, we need a new religion that takes account of the changes! We cannot, in 2023, use the same religion that we used in 1953, when we were physically, genetically different from today. It would be like asking a light bulb to burn oil!

Nor should anyone be allowed to tell you that the DNA, qua DNA, can never change, because any change would necessitate the creation of DNA components which are not there, therefore creating something from nothing. This is obviously false. Once we accept the truthfulness of evolution (which does not need to be explained, as I have heard it on the BBC) then all the rest inevitably follows from it. Therefore, DNA does evolve, and this explain the men/women we have today!

Science, man!



This, my dear readers, is The Explanation Of Everything.

It explains why Father Georgina looks like a man, but speaks and behaves like a woman! It explains why Pope Francis The Swearing receives every week in the Vatican the avant- garde of the human evolution, the t-t-t-transgender! It explains the necessity to rethink absolutely everything, from rigid pronouns to rigid toilet separation, to every aspect of the language! Life on earth will never be the same, and we need to be ready!

There. I have now provided the long-awaited Explanation Of Everything.

We are not getting collectively mad.

It’s simply the way our DNA is evolving!

In this respect, if you can’t find my blog with a web search tomorrow, try searching for Mundaborina.

You never know how my dna could change tomorrow.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Wow! I can stop scratching my head now and giving people quizzical looks. Thank you, Mundabor or Mundaborina whoever you are.

    • J. Ronald Parrish

      You forgot the main component. They lurrrve each other. Excuse me, I lurrrve my dog so gotta go (as in the Pope’s vocabulary) f@&$ him.

  2. bradatwordpress

    At last! I finally have a complete and scientific explanation of why right is now wrong, wrong is now right and the previously bewildering phenomenon of men becoming women and women becoming men. Thanks so much Mundabor. You now qualify for a Nobel, (or is it noble?) prize.

  3. I have a footnote to your calculations. The local marriage tribunal in my city tells us that jurisprudence regarding what makes a marriage is evolving. I couldn’t help but think how what they teach fits with your explanation above.

    If we think that Jesus regarded divorce and remarriage as adultery, we need to catch up with this evolving jurisprudence and realize that He didn’t know about the lack of due discretion and psychological incapacities that people are afflicted with in this new Era.

    Poor, poor children have no hope of ever being raised in a family. It’s Mom’s new man and Dad’s new “wife” until death parts. And Hell welcomes.

  4. Thanks, Mundabor, for explaining why I’m so different from my former incarnation of fifty years ago. Now, if I just Follow The Science can I be 21 again.

  5. Oh, dear, Mr Mundabor. Were you vaxxed?

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