The Tip Of An Extremely Ugly Iceberg

The rainbow flag cannot be seen, but I assure you it’s there.

I have written about this many times. We are now seeing the “first” signs. It is happening, and it will be extremely ugly.

As “the West”, we really have lost the plot. we have become stupid at a level unheard of, possibly in the entire history of humanity. We have forgotten not only Christianity, but common sense.

Which one, of the past generations of both Christians and heathens, would have allowed perverts to “adopt” children? What had to happen in order for perversion to be considered normal and healthy for children to grow up in? What kind of madness made us forget that, it being extremely well known that most pedophiles are homos, allowing homos to adopt children would lead to a great number of cases of child abuse?

These ones here were so perverted, and so stupid, that they even put their victim at the disposal of their perverted friends! The sheer abomination, the scale of outright satanic power exhibited by these two is mind boggling.

Note that they were found with the usual “love is love” rubbish in the house, and we now fully understand what all these prophets of “tolerance” mean by it. They were also, of course, activists, because even my cat knows that activism gives you a degree of protection, if enough popularity is achieved, and exposure to a lot of prey from the start.

I want to vomit.



But then I reflect that this scum is helped every step of the way by the prophets of inclusions, people who, when they are even not paedos themselves, certainly make the work of the devil day in, and day out.

Again: this is not only forgetfulness and rejection of Christianity. This is utter lunacy. I can’t imagine any other place allowing this in the history of humanity, but Sodom and Gomorrah, and situations very similar to those.

I make a very easy prediction: in the next decades, such cases will become very numerous, and will start a wave of lawsuits against the authorities that have allowed these abominations to happen.

Notice that the mainstream media does not seem interested in deepening the issue. One wonders why. One wonders how many journalists that should actually cover this are homosexuals with inconfessabile fantasies, or worse than fantasies, themselves.

Remember: the Fag Movement was at the forefront of the push for the abolition of the age of consent. They just can’t see pedophilia as bad, so perverted they are (even those who are not actual paedos). It’s Satan’s vomit wherever you look. It is expressed by constant smiling, fashionable words, a lot of hypocrisy, and a big dollop of brimstone.

But Putin is bad, see? He wants to protect children from these people.

We will, then, call him Mad Vlad, as that rag called “The Sun” does.

Remind me to pray my rosary for Vladimir Putin today. The guy who understands what’s going on.

I think he also understands the nature of Hunter Biden, and of the powerful people around him.

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  1. Mund, I came to the conclusion years ago that the pedo’s were homo’s, because what straight individual would want to have sex with a child?

    • I am very much afraid that many perverted men want to have sex with a little girl. Think of Muhammad, who raped his “wife” when she was nine! As evil and perverted as they come, but no homosexuality in him.

  2. There is no rainbow, no “LGBTXYZ, etc, etc”.There are only homosexuals and pedophiles, trying to blur who and what they are. It is beyond stupidity, it is a mass insanity, self destruction and cowardice, resulting from denying God and His Creation and Order, denial of Reality itself.

  3. We murder them before they exit the womb, inject them with dozens of poisons/vaccines, subject them to communist schooling…adding on sodomy is no surprise to me. There was a reason our ancestors put homosexuals to death. God bless~

  4. Horrifically, the National Hockey League (NHL) is promoting this depravity. A Russian player on the Philadelphia Flyers team recently refused to don a rainbow jersey and skate around the ice in front of the audience in the arena to promote the gay agenda. He maintained, when interviewed, it was against his “Orthodox beliefs”. He was vilified in the national press.

    Imagine all the young, impressionable kids watching the Flyers. This is grooming on a massive, mainstream manner.

  5. Joseph D'hippolito

    I recall your one mentioned that Francis couldn’t be the False Prophet of Revelation because too many people would see through him. Well, if the West is getting more and more stupid, Francis’ chances of fulfilling that prophetic role grow and grow. That includes a lot of Catholics who should know better.

    Not for nothing did the prophet Hosea write, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

    • For him to grow to false prophet level, I’d say the madness would have to grow enormously. He won’t have the time. He will die a simple clown.

  6. catholictradition2

    Could not agree more. Part of the loss of common sense is the Western tendency to be self absorbed. Permanently drunk on delusion.

  7. I’ve been away from your blog for a while, and a reference to you somewhere recently (sorry I can’t remember where!) reminded me about you. So I am happily back! And downright ecstatic to find a fellow admirer of Mr. Putin. I, too, pray for him, but I need to step it up. The last time I prayed a whole rosary for him was this past October 7, his 70th birthday. (Yes, the birthday of the Orthodox “king” [in the past, the tsar was considered the protector of Eastern Orthodoxy] is on the beautiful Catholic feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!)

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