The Perverts’ Little Helpers

You look strange today, Mr Schwab…

I was watching this video on the always excellent Gloria TV. A comment delightfully mocked the deluded, conflict-seeking (wants a female only gym, then he feels “devastated” they tell him that’s for women), arrogant, ugly freak show.

Another comment had the usual “we as Christians should not ridicule people”.

“This is why we lose”, I instantly thought, and I don’t know if the writer is a paid shill of the enemy or just a confused person.

Mockery has always been an extremely effective weapon. When you want to eradicate abominations without having to resort to concentration camps, mockery is certainly an excellent, wonderfully non-violent way of doing it.

Strongly Catholic society have also been, traditionally, very big on mockery. The ones who can’t do mockery are those permanently bleeding hearts for whom feeling good is more important than having a Christian society around them.

Social control is achieved through mockery first. The mockery is not only a beautiful counter to the attack, but it has a powerful deterrent effect, preventing other would-be attackers from behaving in the same way.

Let the fat freak be buried in mockery, then. Stupid man brought it on himself every step of the way. If it helps him to understand the madness of his ways, so much the better. If it doesn’t, well that’s his own problem, not ours.

You are “compassionate” to these people, they will destroy every vestige of Christianity, and your freedoms to booth, in no time.

But no, there must always be the sensitive useful idiots of the enemy around. They confuse being charitable with being nice. It’s like talking to a Presbyterian. In fact, I suspect that a lot of these people have Protestant roots, or are otherwise influenced by a Protestant environment. They have made of niceness a religion.

It is certainly mean to mock a person for something beyond his control, like a big physical deformity he was born with. But mocking someone for his political statements and life choices has always been fair game. And if I can mock Biden for being an ass, why can I not mock this bigoted freak show for being a bigoted freak show?

“But Mundabor, you don’t Un-der-staand! He is mentally ill!”

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! So many people like that nowadays! But you see, as long as this madman can vote, go around provoking, and threaten your Christian values and your freedoms, I will see his madness as his own, instead of my problem.


Our ancestors have fought Crusades.

We are afraid of mocking a trannie.

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  1. Comedy has always been a grand arena for mockery, Sadly, a sense of humour in this WOKE world is missing. The insane and narcissistic appear to be having a field day as our country becomes more Communist.

  2. “We as Christians should not ridicule people”.

    That isn’t a “people”. It crawled out of Hell and should crawl back ASAP.

  3. Also recall that this mentally ill person pulled his own mother out of an assisted living facility and put her in a hotel right before reversing the forever-standing QUARANTINE infection control policy in Pennsylvania, and mandating that nursing homes must accept flu positive people. This guy KNEW nursing home resident are extremely vulnerable to the flu, due to age and co-morbidities, and forced facilities to admit them in order to infect and harm the elderly. Of course, the facilities got their liability immunity, which caused a whole other mess with medical decisions being made by non-medical management in many cases. Cuomo, Wolf and that other “governor” (N.J.,I think?) should be standing trial, and this addled psycho right there beside them.

  4. Christ called Herod a “fox.”

  5. I have a hard time believing this character really lives as a woman (or how he thinks a woman lives) when he is not in front of the cameras.

  6. Mundabor, you have a way with words! So much deep truth condensed and sharpened into powerful punches. I especially like this, which should be posted on the walls of diocesan chanceries everywhere:

    “The ones who can’t do mockery are those permanently bleeding hearts for whom feeling good is more important than having a Christian society around them.”

    Ann Barnhardt’s scathingly brilliant takedown of “the cult of niceness” is always worth re-watching:

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