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Truths Are Things: Father Georgina Vs Reality


So, is Pete Butt Igieg married?

Father Georgina seems very proud of the fact that the law allows him to call himself “married”. To claim otherwise would be, he says, to “ignore reality”.

But.. is it so?

If the law allows me to call myself a “Big Furry Bear”, does this make me a big furry bear? Certainly not! I am not a bear, I am not furry, and I am not even big. I have not become any of those things when I received the official United Clowndom certificate that says that.

Granted, I will have (and that is a fact) the legal position that the lawmaker attributes to a person (who is not a bear, not furry, and not big) calling himself a big furry bear (for example, the right to put on my business card “Mundabor, Big Furry Bear”. But this will not create a reality, it will merely create a legal fiction. There will be no bear, ever.

Father Georgina – who should remember, at times, that he is a priest – should very well know that truths are things. Reality cannot be changed by legislative action. Legislative action can only give a legal veneer to absurdity.

Say, someone is born a man. Would he become a woman because, at some point, he gets a passport with “Ms” written on it? Most certainly not. What we have there, is a man to whom the legal system of his country has allowed to call himself a woman. But a man he still is, a man he will always be, and a man he will die.

The same applies to marriage. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. God made it so. God made a truth that is unchangeable. The reality of this truth cannot be modified by a legislative body more than the reality of 2+2=4 could. Again: Father Georgina, who is a priest, knows this very well.

Truths are things. What goes against self-evident truth is folly. The legal support for folly does not make the folly sane, it merely makes it legal.

If Father Georgina were to undergo a so-called sex change operation (not unlikely at some point, if you ask me) and be legally allowed to call himself “Ms Georgina Martin”, *reality* would dictate that he would still be a man and still have holy orders (however unworthily, and even if “defrocked”). Both his sex and his orders are unchangeable realities.

So yeah, Father Georgina:

Let us not ignore reality.

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