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Self-Imposed Censorship, Or: Rooting For The Ghost Of Kiev

Reality will set in at some point…

This article from Big Serge will give more sensible information on what is happening in the Ukraine than weeks of reading the Western Baghdad Bob homo information mafia.

Together with other sound outlets which I have mentioned in the past, this gives you an incontrovertible picture of what is really happening in the Ukraine. Everything available with a browser and a search engine, or from YouTube.

The Western narrative is starting to crumble, but the amount of lies is still staggering. Why is that, will you ask? My answer is: because the modern consumers of news are largely not interested in facts, but in feelings. They will look for the information they want to read, and will discard the information that goes against it. Most news outlets being commercial enterprises, they will simply write what their public wants to read and forget journalistic integrity in the process.

Ideology will do the rest. At the BBC, nobody in his right (if likely perverted) mind will dare to propose a series of in-depth articles as to why 1. Russia is winning big, and 2. There is no way to stop the tide , bar a nuclear war.

It is, in fact, a self-imposed censorship, that kicks in when the emotional investment in a narrative makes it impossible to accept that one has been, very simply, 100% wrong from day one: the massacre of civilians in the Donbas, the history of the region, the health of Putin, the ability of the Russian army, the corruption and dictatorship of the Ukrainian Government, the Nazi infiltration of the Ukrainian society, and so forth.

This makes the Western audience – as already seen with the “vaccines” – extremely easy to manipulate. Once the emotional narrative is shaped, this narrative will remain impervious to facts for a very long time. It’s as if Dr Goebbels had found a way to do without the Gestapo.

The West is full of Jojo Rabbits, circa March 1945.

At some point, as it happened for Jojo, the wall of illusions will crumble; but most people will notice it only when a brick falls straight on their head. The vast ignorance in military matters – extremely common in the new generations, as opposed to the time I grew up in – vastly helps the propaganda machine, and the one I will never forget is the “30 billion dollar a day” the operation was allegedly costing the allegedly terminally ill Putin, whilst the “Ghost of Kiev” was enthralling Western audiences with his courageous feats.

Meanwhile, some Western corners are unable to accept that Soledar has fallen, and that Artemovsk (Bakhmut) seems destined to follow. They still think there is fighting going on Soledar. It must the Ghost of Soledar against everybody else.

Keep your eyes well open. Be critical. Don’t accept information that is not corroborated by many real world signals (as Big Serge does).

Be aware that no institutional outlets has an interest in informing you.

They are merely selling you a product, like margarine or butter, and they will give their client the taste they know will sell.

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