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Madness, And Where It Comes From.

McDonald’s made a lot of money on this one…

Is the fight against gender madness working? It appears, it says here, that it is. But I am not so optimistic.

First of all, the article points out that several US States even mandate gender indoctrination. These are no micro states, all the West Coast is included. It is clear that some local revolts here and there are not going to change the tide.

More importantly still, the article makes one situation clear: woke young teachers will become more and more the norm; reaction to them will, as is always the case, depend on the engagement of the parents. It is not difficult to see that this fight promises to be partially successful at best.

What is the solution, you will ask?

My solution is to tackle the problem from the root.

You see, the problem is not gender so-called theory. The problem is wrong thinking. Wrong thinking starts way before gender so-called theory. Wrong thinking starts when the parents concede the first defeat. Dealing with truth is a difficult thing. You start to accommodate and make compromises, you will soon have a teacher with blue hair trying to persuade your boy that he is a girl.

The problem starts when people start saying that they don’t care about people’s sexual habits. It gets worse when they start using the word “gay” without meaning “debonair”. It gets worse still when they start voting for the homosexual politician because “he is good”.

No, he is not good. He is a homo. How can he be good?

The normalisation of degeneracy has, as inescapable consequence, the normalisation of more and more degeneracy. It has to be so. These degenerates, addicted to their own filth, will not stop winning just because you hope that they have been given “enough”. It will never be enough.

How many Americans – outside of the rigid Catholic education system, when it is rigid – are “ok” with an openly homosexual teacher in their children’s classroom? Have, then, such parents have any right to be surprised, when the drag queen “visits” the school? Do they not see that they are part of the problem?

Sexual degeneracy is like crack cocaine. You can’t have just a bit of it. You either reject it completely, or it will screw you and your family completely.

It makes sense that it be so. Why would Jesus allow us to start betraying Him and get to decide when the betrayal end? It does not work that way. Iniquity begets iniquity, and the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. The parents of the girl confronted with the huge dangling prick in the locker room likely profess “inclusion” of “the gays” and would not want to appear “rigid” in the matter. The dangling prick is a problem they have heavily contributed to create. They have, in fact, invited it every step of the way. That they are surprised now shows a remarkable, if diffused, lack of insight.

You can’t be wrong by half, same as you can’t be “neoconservative”. You start being wrong, you will unavoidably slide down and down, towards “preferred pronouns”. Conservatism requires dedication and integrity. If it’s just a way to pay less taxes, it is destined to fail.

Next time you hear a father complaining about gender theory, you can do much worse than to ask:

“What’s your opinion about homosexuality, Sir?”

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