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Euthanasia And Its Intersection With Gender

The doctor is already preparing the injection, Sir…

France is, as you are possibly aware, planning the legalisation of euthanasia.

They will take some good sounding (for the world) slogans, use some of those extreme cases that always make for bad laws, and then they will start killing people, which is what they love doing most.

Old people will be deemed “ready and willing”, either because they are put under extreme pressure, or because some homicidal doctor (plenty of those nowadays; I bet they wish Hippocrates had been aborted) has decided it for them; which, by the way, is another thing modern society wants to do with sane people at all times, because they clearly know best.

However, I think that there will be another category of people to whom this kind of legislation will find ready and frequent application: the t-t-t-transg-g-g-gender-e-e-ed people.

These culpably unfortunate people have an extremely high rate of suicide. I have – as even Greta Thunberg understands – never committed suicide, but I think that your average would-be environmentally friendly disposer of his mortal coil struggles with the thought for a long time, and refrains from pulling the plug on himself on many occasions, before he finally dispatches himself to his extremely likely final destination.

Euthanasia legislation seems made exactly for these people. Big whining, big indulging in drama queen behaviour, followed by the supreme self-sacrifice on the altar of one’s own madness and vanity. The State will make it very easy for these people to have everything carefully planned and flawlessly executed. The doctor will, just before inserting the needle, assure Dying Madman that he really, really cares, and “she”/“him” looks really feminine/masculine/elephantine today.

Who knows, perhaps this is just planned? Perhaps the eugenic thinking informing the action of great bastards like Margaret Sanger is being planned and applied, as I write this, to these useless members of society, for which the socialised medicine prevalent in Europe would otherwise pay extremely expensive operations and medical treatment?

“Looky here, “Miss”. We can operate you and try to make of you a woman. But in the end, a man you will always remain, no matter where your penis has been folded and hidden. You see? There is no escape from your body! Unless…. !!!!

Feel free to think about it and get back to us anytime, Wilhelmina! We are here to h-h-help. Really!!”

Declaration signed.

Doctor at the ready.


Couple of seconds.


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