Understanding Bloggers, Card. Roche edition.

Cardinal Roche has a problem with those Catholic bloggers who keep defending the Traditional Latin Mass. He admits, however, that our work is effective and influences Seminarians.

I think a couple of reflections are in order.

Thank you, Cardinal Roche, for your involuntary compliment. At times, I receive comments containing nothing but insults. Being told that I, in my little effort and together with many others, am effective and influence seminarians truly made by day. If I die today, I hope those at the Pearly Gates have the link.

But let us reflect a bit more. Traditionalists blog are, mostly, one-man-bands written by pensioners, housewives, or accountants at the Fish Administration. None of them (apart from Gracida) is a bishop. Plus, their audience tends to be very conservative, that is: exactly the kind of people who do not listen to everybody who wakes up one morning and decides to have his own doctrine explained to the people. Therefore, the Cardinal should start to wonder: 1. Why these blogs are so numerous and 2. Why conservative people would believe what they write.

The answers are very simple. The blogs are so numerous, and have so many followers, exactly because the problem of the New Mass is easily recognised in light of Catholic liturgy and theology.

Were this not the case, there would never be a numerous cohort of bloggers about this issue, nor a robust readership for their effort. As it is, both are in rude health.

The issue is, therefore, exactly the contrary of what the Cardinal states, to wit: a small bunch of insignificant Bishops and Cardinals dare to go against what an immense army of predecessors of theirs have defended, and demand that Catholics believe not in 2000 years of Catholic teaching (and hierarchy) but in what this soon forgotten Roche Guy tells them to believe.

It does not work. Of course it can never work. The sheep in the pew will always be easily duped by the priest talking about “joy” and “peace” and other easy slogans, but those who care (including serious seminarians) will always be a much tougher nut to crack.

Therefore, the Cardinal can be assured of our continued effort and influence of Seminarians; particularly if he has sone evil move in his sleeves, which is now being heavily rumoured.

This is the Church, not a sect. It does not change if its leader changes, it does not care for “the spirit of the time”, it does not pledge unalloyed allegiance to any human.

We have a sure way to understand what is going wrong, and that is Catholic doctrine, not the rants of a number of angry bloggers.

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  1. When all is said and done, the Vatican II/Modernist antichurch will eventually fall into the abysss from which it arose. The novelties of Council will fade to nothing. Our Lord’s voice will speak once more through His Church, and the faithful will heed His call.

    The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church may be eclipsed, as She was in Her early years, but She will never be supplanted by an imposter. Her liturgy, which survived and thrived for over a millennia, will not be eradicated by an imposter derived from heretical schismatics. The empire of man, which Roche supports and is a member of, will be crushed by the Empire Of God, and the Kingship of Christ.

    They continue to kick against the goad, and it won’t end well for them.

    • Joseph D'hippolito

      “When all is said and done, the Vatican II/Modernist antichurch will eventually fall into the abyss from which it arose.”

      Read Revelation 17. The Church’s current “woke,” globalist allies will eventually destroy it and the other churches who follow the same path (mainline Protestantism being most obvious).

    • The Church cannot be destroyed. What we see manifested is an anti-church, which has been told would happen for centuries, most recently by Cardinal Manning (after Vatican I) and Archbishop Sheen on the 50s.

    • I prefer to say that the troubles will end and that the Church will go back to sanity, abandoning the deformations of the V II. Otherwise, such talk might starts stinking of Sedevacantism.

  2. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Thanks for the link. I love the term “keyboard warriors!” Roche makes it clear that we belong to the “Church Militant.” And, as Fr. Norman Weslin used to say, the Blessed Mother is our twelve star general. Victory belongs to the Lord. And so we fight on. Thanks, Mundabor, for a great post. I’m linking to it from my blog this morning.

  3. Bishop is out of line. Vatican 2 extolls the laity and the power of the laity.

  4. I’ve been blogging since 2014. My principal source of inspiration back then was your effort here. Thank you.


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