Reblog: The Blessed Virgin’s Warrior Ants

Not without surprise, I sometimes read the one or other Rad Trad blog (not excluding mine, I must very immodestly say; then my critics seem to read …

The Blessed Virgin’s Warrior Ants

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  1. You can’t discount the “butterfly effect”. Seemingly insignificant people/events can have far reaching effects. Any Trad blogger who is threatened by other bloggers, and is unwilling to engage in charitably-spirited discussion of differences of opinion, irrespective of credentials/number of followers exposes themselves. I read Catholic blogs because the V2fakechurch and corrupt hierarchy cannot be trusted, and I do not have access to a solid Traditional parish. I’m no longer sure anyone does. I’m afraid we are further along end times than we know. The sheep are scattered, but prophets are out there, teaching us and lighting the path.

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