Unable To Think

Have you seen one of those pigs (not the pink ones; the even uglier, dark grey ones) with their cheeks so full of fat that they enlarge their entire face, making them vaguely similar to a hippo, whilst still being, unequivocally, pigs?

I think I have found the human equivalent below:

I can , right now, literally hear this thing root…

This… thing is the Harvard Kennedy School “Misinformation expert”. She is – how can one get this wrong? – a dyke. She has been told to seek another job as she is seen as an enemy of the free circulations of ideas in what used to be a free Country.

Now, please allow some considerations on this from yours truly:

The first: why on earth does a university need a “Misinformation expert?” Is not a university student, by definition, the last person ever needing to be protected from misinformation? More in general, should a university not be the first place where a fundamental respect for freedom leads to encourage everybody – student or not – to develop their own tools – like, well, thinking – in order to protect themselves from misinformation, instead of having the lesbian man-pig doing it for them between donuts?

The second: how dumbed down must one be not to understand that a 1. lesbian 2. looking like that, is a deeply disturbed individual clearly unable to express a reliable opinion on anything beyond telling the time?

The utter degeneracy of the mainstream thinking in the US has brought to this toxic consequence: that deeply degenerate individuals clearly at war with the planet are considered mainstream and allowed to further degenerate everybody. What happens is that millions of straight, normally sound thinking and otherwise generally efficient, well-adjusted, productive members of society become utterly unable to think whenever this impacts their own Facebook following.

Do not think for a second that the measure adopted by the University is going to have any lasting consequences. Man-pig will find a job with some ueber-leftist “chariteee” or “educational institution” gravitating around some Soros or other. Granted, if this becomes a trend we might start to look at things with a certain optimism; but for now, this is more a sign of the problem than of the solution.

You might say that the United States have a number of people so obscenely fat as this one. You might have a point there. However, I can never avoid a strong sensation that when a dyke is so obscenely fat, she is not a dyke who happens to be obscenely fat; rather, she is one who is obscenely fat exactly because she is a dyke. The “rebellion” against everything that is normed in the “patriarchal society” and, at the same time, the evident childishness of these individuals is what leads them not only to follow every childish instinct they have (like the brutal abuse of refined sugars and other junk “food” that is evidently at play here), but to be proud of their “rebellion” and not shamed at all of a “physique” which would, in the Italy of my youth, cause children to throw stones at you and adults to think, quite correctly, that there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

This being the slipperiest slippery slope in existence, it is not a surprise at all that, after you have started to tolerate the one above, the next stage is the one below:

God has made things very simply so, that when a nation starts taking leave of sanity, it has to sink into a progressively deeper level of insanity.

The sooner “straight America” starts to get this, the better it is for the very survival of the Country.

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  1. I went shopping in a mall for the first time since before the Covidcon last week, I’m not much of a mall shopper. It was a bit shocking to see posters in the storefronts of obese women, some with stretch marks on their hips and abdomens, modeling lingerie (Victoria’s Secret, some other women’s clothing stores that I was not familiar with). This is nothing but a psyop to invert standards of beauty. The state of fashion and personal pride of appearance is in the gutter in the US. I used to enjoy watching “Mad Men” just to see men and women dressing like adults. Heavy women wear skin tight knits (what are they thinking?), men wear baggy, droopy shorts and childish T-shirts everywhere. People everywhere look and act like overgrown vapid fools. I have 2 nephews who married Asian women, and know of another young man looking for a Phillipine wife. I can’t say I blame them.

    • I now call it “Victoria’s nightmare”…

    • Victoria’s Secret doesn’t give a flying fig if some woman is fat or not.
      It’s all about bringing in the dollars.
      Fat people spend money too.

    • Yes and no.
      You don’t sell with fatties. You sell with beautiful women. Ask every woman (if she tells you the truth).
      What they did before is to use the stunners to sell to the fatties.
      Now they want to persuade the fatties that they are stunners.
      Not going to work.

  2. The state of health and dress in the US is abominable. Women’s “dresses” that show more than they cover. Lizzo and her ahem… girth… are celebrated as she struts along with a thin, healthy young man that can only be with her for the money.

  3. R. Hunter Bidet

    I think that it is now a generalized custom in Amerika for grotesquely obese females to turn dyke or “trans” while attending the degenerate public skools to get some “luv” without having to acknowledge their weight problem.

  4. Shame on you, Mr M. You’ve put me off my bacon sandwich!

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