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Inclusivity (you can cut it at 4:00)

The Middle Finger And Fernet Francis

Frankie’s allegedly favourite liquor might have played a role..

I must say, this man is a source of continuous surprise. He is the gift that keeps on giving. He shoots himself in the foot with such tireless zeal, that you wonder whether he got special training for it.

Frankie boy wrote (or someone wrote it for him) a tweet about the middle finger that, being higher than the others, would remind us about honesty.

It is not clear to me how a taller finger should remind me about honesty. We alos have a taller toe, does it remind us about honesty, too? If yes, why?

I honestly think that here, something different was at play, and a not-entirely-sober Francis even wrote the tweet himself to “shows us the finger”, or said to his tweet-writer “write a tweet where you give the finger to the people, but without really saying it”. The result is in the tweet (meanwhile deleted) you see following the link.

Let nobody say that Francis, in his innocence, does not understand the meaning of the middle finger. The statues in the Vatican know the meaning of the middle finger. Every cat in Rome. Even the sparrows in the Vatican Gardens.

No. Frankie knows and knows very well. He wants you to make the association. He wants to tell you that he is the one showing you the finger, because he is honest and you are a hypocrite. Francis giving his faithful the finger but falling short of the actual gesture is the Leitmotiv of, soon, ten years of an extremely disgraceful pontificate.

If you ask me how this went, I will bet my pint on fernet-Francis giving instruction for a nasty middle-finger tweet, the poor twitter editor being forced to invent something that says it without saying it, the entire planet laughing at the stupidity and arrogance of this guy, and the tweet being removed.

I have another brilliant comparison, Francis-style, on which Francis should reflect:

A prick is more honest than a middle finger.

Because it’s longer, see?

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