When The Lift Comes: Lessons From An Earthquake.

As you all know, a devastating earthquake has hit the region between Turkey (or Turkiye, as they say now) and Syria, causing thousands to die suddenly.

Most of them were, no doubt, infidels.

Now, I am sure that the Franciscrowd will lament, no end, the natural and social effects of this tragic event. As for myself, my first thought is always for the supernatural ones. It’s not that I don’t find an earthquake saddening; it is, rather, that I tend to think according to priorities, of which the first one is, invariably, Salvation.

Thousands were called to their judgment in a matter of seconds. The Mohammedan sect many belonged to could do exactly zippo for their salvation. What has become of their immortal soul?

You know the answer. In this blog, we are neither supporters of Feeney, nor are we – pardon the exactness of my language – Francisfaggots. We know how difficult it is for a Muslim – even, but see below, one who calls himself a devout Muslim – to die in the state of grace.

That an infidel can die is a state of grace, is certain. That this will be a rare occurrence – how rare, only God knows – is absolutely obvious. Therefore, one can safely – if horrifyingly – think that a big load of souls was delivered … down there at the moment of the event.

Nor must my reader think that invincible ignorance is, here, the criterium that applies. It is absolutely not true that an infidels dying in invincible ignorance will be saved. It is merely true that, if invincible ignorance is not given, he will certainly not! But in the end, invincible ignorance is merely a condition precedent for the application of the real gift: God’s grace, allowing that soul to die at peace with Him.

How rare is this? Pretty darn rare, it is very reasonable to say. In fact, in most Muslim situations – let us exclude, say, the old woman in the little village in the middle of the desert – invincible ignorance is becoming more and more difficult a state to die in, as the globalised world of information allows such an easy access – direct or indirect – to proper Christian or even Catholic sources. How can an English-Speaking Turk, with access to the Internet, claim invincible ignorance? The porn could be found, but Christianity couldn’t? The sleazy Western songs were accessible, but Christ wasn’t?

Then there is the big problem of the tenets of that particular sect. How can one approve of the multiple, systematic rape committed by his so-called prophet, and not be an accomplice in the rapist’s sin? It seems that a “devout” Muslim will send himself to hell merely by the fact of being “devout”!

We can clearly see, then, what happens when, in those parts, an earthquake strikes: that lift is going mainly down.

Still, as Catholics, we pray as follows:

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.

May those who have been saved rejoice in God’s Mercy. May those who have been damned savour – whether they like it or not – God’s Justice. May all of us, and our loved ones, obtain the grace of final perseverance.

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  1. R. Hunter Bidet

    It is neither Turkey nor Turkiye, it is Asia Minor. Remember all the Christian Armenians and Greeks massacred by the infidels!

    Slava Rossiyi! We will take Constantinople!!!

  2. It’s true, information about the Catholic Faith is easily accessible everywhere, in such a way that it seems probable that one of the conditions that is to precede the coming of Antichrist and the end of the world has now been met: the spread of the Gospel over the whole world.

    But in this present eclipse of the true Church, which is a punishment for our sins, there is also a ton of garbage out there pretending to be authentic Christianity. It needs prayer and humility to be able to tell the difference. Humility is not a virtue in other religions.

    Time to get into the habit of praying 15 decades every day.

  3. I agree, A.O.P. I was scandalized away from Christianity for years, finally came around through C.S. Lewis, then Belloc and Chesterton to Catholicism. An awful lot of good Christians are kept from the Faith by the revolting behavior and communism of the V2 fakechurch. But we are told that hearts will harden and intellects darken.

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