Daily Archives: February 10, 2023

No Compromise

Predictably, the changed legal landscape concerning abortion in the United States has caused a big increase in the already vocal debate. In fact, it is not difficult to see that the 2024 Presidential Election will be rigged – sorry, I meant fought – having this one as one of the main battlegrounds.

In my estimation, we need to avoid the all too usual sin of the conservatives on these occasions: trying to look “moderate” or “reasonable”, likely in the hope of getting some of the people who are on the fence.

Guess what: you can’t sit on this fence. You are going to fall on one side, or the other.

No compromise on any kind of abortion term. No compromise on any abortifacient/pill. No compromise on any (true or claimed) rape or violence or whatever. No compromise with anything aimed at ending a life that has started.

Besides the obvious ethical ground, there is a very practical one for this position.

The battle against abortion is not a legal, strictly speaking not even a religious, but a civilisational one. This is an absolute evil, and an evil that defines the people and generations condoning or even approving of it. Therefore, any kind of “practical” compromise weakens the very premise.

You can’t have a compromise over the Holocaust. You can’t decide that the extermination of a people is only allowed in “practical” or “reasonable”, compromised terms. You reject the Holocaust altogether, no ifs and no buts. This is the only way how you can, in fact, make the point.

In time, it is the fundamental point that will get across; and when that happens things will be much easier, because an awful lot of humans behave humanely, when they are not given excuses.

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