The Ailing Country And The New Shining City On A Hill: A Brutal Sitrep On The State Of Things.

What would he say today…

I love the United States. I really do. I think they embody those ideals of freedom, self-reliance, religious spirit (if imperfect from the start) and confidence in the future that the European West too often lacks. I think that neither Europe nor, probably, anybody else, has anything comparable to the best creation of the mentality I have just described: the Second Amendment. Of course, the Country was never perfect. No Country ever was. No Country will ever be. But you could connect to the “shining city on a hill” without any issue, and understand why Ronald Reagan used this beautiful expression with such success.

However, I think that now – as it has happened in the past – this glorious Country is going through one of those crisis periods which no Country can avoid but which, in the case of a powerful and culturally influential Country like the United States, have repercussions the world over. Some of these issues are common to Europe. Some have been spilled over to Europe from the other side of the Atlantic. Some are non-existent, or existent in a far lesser way, over here.

Let us see them one by one.

Religious Feeling

The United States are in the midst of what I can only call a religious civil war. A strong religious feeling – that I greatly admired as a child – has been long challenged by a rabid enmity with God. Late term abortion (unknown in much of Europe), gender theories (largely unknown in Europe until we got polluted), and a brutal homosexualism are now everywhere. The United States are fighting for the very soul of the Country. Unless the Universities are cleaned up, there is no way to win this fight.

In Europe, we have situations from mild religious feeling to the total absence of it. But notice that, in many cases, the “mainstream” is more conservative than most Americans would think. The Italian abortion law is fairly strict, and many want to abolish it altogether. It’s as if religious thinking would remain as a cultural factor in many who are not religious. In the US, it seems there is much more active enmity to Christ.


This new, anti-Christian mentality has conquered Washington. Since Obama, the US have pursued a policy of world domination. Whilst in the past the American foreign adventures were often linked to the desire to contain Communism (Vietnam, Korea), or a world menace (Saddam, the Taliban), the US will now sanction foreign Countries, wielding the sword of its economic might, simply for not acquiescing to the Washington ideology. The former shining city on a hill has become, in just a few years, the greatest bully on earth. Loving the United States compels one to say this. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, which even my cat knows was planned and wanted by the US, shows the extent of this bullying, now not stopping even in front of vital interest of one of the US’s major allies.

This arrogant, bullying mentality also infected Europe. The EU has now become a massive mean of political, social and religious pressure, to which Brexit was an exemplary reaction. Worse still, the EU bullying exerts a political pressure often remote-controlled by the Americans. It’s like becoming Big Dobermann to serve Big Homo Rottweiler.

President Trump recognised this illness, and tried to remedy it as far as he could in the time given to him. Which leads us to the next problem.

Clown Democracy

The United States have become a clown democracy. I wrote a blog post, in 2021, explaining how the voting process in Italy worked when I lived there. We are on a level orders of magnitudes better than in the United States. The United States are, and have always been, a banana republic concerning their voting laws. My take is that the system still worked – more or less – as long as both sides of the aisle had an overarching interest in a fair election outcome. But this went out of the window when Trump was elected. Millions of woke idiots, in the US, are ready and willing to rig elections, and think they are doing the right thing in perpetrating and executing election fraud. In the extremely corrupt environment of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and the like, this leads to a decisive deformation of the electoral outcome. Control the ballots in four or five of these cities, and you will decisively influence the outcome of the entire presidential election.

Nothing of the sort exists pretty much anywhere in Europe. Where there are issues, they are on a far, far smaller scale than in the US. To a US Democrat, the entire Europe is a White Supremacist, Racist, Voter Suppression Fortress.

Drug addiction

This was a big problem in Italy in the Seventies, but has now been largely overcome. It is, I am told, pretty big in the US now. I attribute it to two main factors: 1) the loss of religious feeling (see above). 2) Deindustrialisation. Granted, Europe is largely deindustrialised, and largely de-Christianised, but without such big drug problems; still, I think that an army of people growing up without perspective and without faith contributes to the problem.

I don’t know any Country in Europe with comparable issues now, though these issues were there in the past.

Pill addiction

This is another American specialty that can make countless victims in the next decades. Here in Europe, it’ s not easy to obtain prescriptions for anti-depressants and other highly addictive medicines, which, I suppose, are also expensive. I am told that this is a real issue in the United States. Here we see one unintended good consequence of socialised medicine: the doctor needs to pay attention to the cost of what he prescribes to you, and there are complex systems meant to “punish” those doctors who don’t. Also, suing a doctor for not prescribing to you the pills you think you need is largely unheard of. I don’t know the remedy for this one as I don’t know the workings and the inner dynamics of the US health system. But the system, certainly, must be improved.


We are now at the point that I, who live in the UK, cannot see footage of the US (say: in shopping malls or on the street), without instantly noticing how darn fat people are. Mind: whenever I travel to Continental Europe, I instantly notice how thin the locals are, because the UK has the obesity record in Europe. It’s as if an entire Country had decided to kill itself. This, I attribute to various factors: the lessening of religious feeling (I have written about this many times), the culture of immediate satisfaction, the developing of bad habits (snacking, eating in front of the computer) but, most of all, the culture of niceness.

In Italy, I – who was 5 kg above the weight that the computer said is “ideal” – was called “fat” by loving family member. I have lost weight since, and am now at around 2kg above the ideal weight. If you know how darn difficult it is to lose the last handful of excess kilos, particularly at my age, you understand the culture of health that is prevalent particularly in Southern Europe. In the UK it is much worse than in Continental Europe, but nothing like Mississippi. Interesting factoid: for UK medical sites I am not 2 kg, but merely 0.5 kg overweight. Italians don’t make you any discount. This is why they are healthy.

So, there you have it.

Seen from Europe, the Country that once gave us John Wayne now gives us press conferences made by lesbians and trannies. It is a Country whose President I, and many of the people I know, consider the product of a stolen election. It is a Country which more and more people will come to see as a real, authentic oppressor (even the Germans are beginning to wake up to this, and God knows how hard it is to wake the Germans up to anything). It is, also, a Country threatened by several internal challenges of its own, which give one the impression of a once physically and morally healthy superpower now slowly destroying itself, even as it tries to export its illnesses (from gender theories to culture of niceness and obesity “epidemic”) to the rest of the planet.

You know what I think the antidote to American Homo Imperialism is. Its flag has the same colours as the US one, but this Country has a degree of Christian homogeneity, going through vast strata of society, that the US cannot boast of. This homogeneity also promises to keep its fundamental character unaltered – and, most likely, improved as the old atheist commies die out – in the decades to come.

There is – with all its issues – a new shining city on a hill.

Its inhabitants sing the “Kalinka”.

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  1. I weep for my country. We have idiot groups, one of which is rewriting children’s books to get rid of anything offensive. The beloved “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – can’t call that fat kid fat – nope, must use words like large or enormous. No, he is fat – you can be enormous (thinking of some athletes) and not at all fat.

  2. podkamien59885a193b

    The root of disease is not a recent one. It’s called the “Enlightenment”.All the logical conclusions of this “Enlightement” have been more clearly manifesting themselves lately (trannies, LGBTQ+, feminism, abortion, etc.) But we see that Russia is touched by this to the extent that it does not to take an aggressive course against the “Enlightenment” New World Order. It could have won the war by now. Russia also needs to roll back abortion to zero.
    The US from its Founding was Pro Enlightenment. So its False Luciferian Light was there when Cromwell’s Mayflower Puritans came to America to celebrate their “Thanksgiving”, and the signing of the Masonically inspired “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights”.

    • My reflections were about the way America has changed between the Eighties and now. I understand where you come from, but the US have not gone downhill in these last 30 years because of the Enlightenment.

  3. Love the Red Army Choir. I found one of their Christmas CD’s in a thrift shop last Fall, and it is great.
    The situation in the US is very bad. We are occupied, and being dismantled through the WEF installed occupying regime hamstringing our economy with unConstitutional edicts and restrictions, active importation of 3rd world welfare recipients/human trafficking, attacks on infrastructure, food processors, money is being looted out and laundered through “Ukraine” to be funnelled back to the occupiers and their enablers, what collateral is allowing this astronomical debt? The population have been dumbed down, and THINKS they are “educated”, they have become lazy and superficial. They parrot TV, both in propaganda and trashy behavior, especially women. We ARE fat. I am fasting every other day (with God’s Grace) for Lent, so maybe that will help my excess 20 lb contribution to the problem. But worse, we are slobs. People come to Church dressed like slobs, and the ones who wear dresses are usually immodest, bare legs, short skirts, etc. Every secret thing is becoming known, and Americans have been lied to, manipulated, looted, uprooted, de-civilized, converted to paganism and idolatry…deliberately…I could go on and on. It is so sad what is happening to children, the schools. Colleges are gone. Young Americans think Western Civilization and Christianity are awful, and they do not even understand what it is, and what it has done. White people are being brainwashed to accept persecution and slavery because they are evil for being white…yet look at who does most of the crime, the looting, the murder, etc. We no longer have a rule of law, and the Occupiers flaunt it. We no longer have elections, and when we have the pretend elections, the Occupiers make sure both candidates are the same. It seems to me that Europe had more distinct cultures between the countries, not the American deracination. America is much more homogenized…or was, before all the immigration, and migration of South to North, and now vice versa, for jobs. “America” has an identity problem, an existential void has been created, and I agree at the core, it is a religious problem. We are losing our “goodness”, a fact brought stunningly home to me when half of my family saw absolutely no problem with the 2020 election fraud…because their candidate “won”, and refused to respond to the volumes of evidence I sent them. This floored me, very ominous. Half of the country no longer believes in Right and Wrong, or searches for Truth. That is not America. Pray for us, Mr Mundabor, we need a miracle. I am praying for Europe. When Putin talks about the “West”, I hope he understands that the Occupiers are not American in any sense except perhaps legally, actually hate the “West”, and are just using us to attack him, get white Christians killing white Christians….while “America” is seen as bullying and is hated, but America voted for Trump, who started no wars. “Biden” is a corrupt puppet, his “cabinet” Occupiers pull his strings on WEF orders.

  4. Drugs, prescription and otherwise, are indeed a huge problem. The medical industry has been largely suborned (like every other endeavor). Dystopian novels have been written about keeping the population under control via drugs, and we seem to be living that now. I would bet serious money that the fat Antifa slobs burning down buildings and overturning cars in 2020 were all pumped up on methamphetamine and synthetic cathinones (“bath salts”). How else does a couch potato turn into a rioting machine? And as for fatness, take a look at the processed “foods” that are utterly devoid of nutrition, incredibly toxic and practically a drug in themselves. I bet our processed foods here in America are full of substances that would be illegal in Europe.

    What needs to happen in America is that the Catholics make this a Catholic nation. Up to now we have aspired to no goal more lofty than merely to be accepted and tolerated.

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