Daily Archives: March 1, 2023

Another Dyke Bites The Dust

Frankenstein’s (lesbian) daughter.

Monstrously creepy-looking Lori Lightfoot has already lost her Chicago mayoral race, managing to be ousted already in the primaries. For all those who don’t know of her, yes, that tool is supposed to be a woman.

Lightfoot shows once again that there is only a certain amount of stupidity even Democrat strongholds can cope with. When the breaking point is reached, careers are destroyed.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as the woke ideology actually forces their representative to get more and more woke (something certainly not difficult for a monstrous dyke like this one). Therefore, the very system of wokeness invites politicians to march to their own destruction.

Get woke, go unemployed.

I remember something similar already happening in Seattle, clearly Woke Central, and with the DA of that open-air latrine called San Francisco. If memory serves, we can add Portland, too.

Wokeness kills its own children.

Which is just par for the course for a bunch of abortion-lovers.

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