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Meet “Il Cretino Gloriosamente Regnante”.

Meet “Il Cretino gloriosamente regnante”, the gloriously reigning cretin.

It appears that everybody, literally left, right and centre, hates Francis. Why? Because he is a hateful guy, of course.

Petty, vindictive, childish, astonishingly ignorant, lying without shame (“soon, soon!”), and arrogant to the point of comedy, Francis manages to alienate even the Regressives within the Vatican. He has, obviously, brought all this to himself, because I do not know any other public figure enjoying it so much when he angers other people. It’s not only the boorishness, which is very marked in the man. It’s the special arrogance of doing whatever he knows will incense people merely to make a point, that is: to show that he can.

The linked article also points out to an aspect I had never reflected about: even the Regressive priests are angered at Francis’ constant insulting and berating of priests.

Then there are the bishops and cardinals, who have to watch the same total lack of decency, manners, and respect for common sense.

This all makes sense, of course. If you have followed Frankie for a while, you know all that is reported in the linked blog post can only make absolute sense. But I would like to add an additional point.

The Cardinals who have elected Bergoglio deserve all the manure that is now lavished on them. The Bishops who see incompetence promoted have, for too long, shut up when Francis was being incompetent to the point of being a danger for souls. The Regressive priests are getting a well-deserved prescription of the medicine they themselves spread around.

What goes around, comes around. You can’t betray your mission as priest, bishop, or Cardinal, and hope that the problem will not come back to bite you. It is, in fact, amusing and not a little consoling that those who have chosen to be part of the problem now discover that they, themselves, have a problem.

The moral is this: the push for a good, Catholic Pope must come from the very bottom, from the parishes, from the pews, and go up the hierarchy until things change.

You will not get to be all V II without getting a taste of your own medicine.

Social Justice Leads Away From God

Frankie boy (or rather, his ghost-tweeter) has made a tweet on social justice. Even some people who call themselves catholic think that he is right in that. They are wrong.

Social justice is a very dangerous construct in itself. In fact, nothing is as likely to lead someone away from God as infatuation with social justice. Unavoidably, these social justice apostles end up thinking that the world is fundamentally wrong. From there to atheism, the step is short.

It is God-given that there be vast differences in prosperity and even opportunities at birth. That one is born from a rich father in London and another from a poor father in a Colombian peasant village is not a bug, it’s a feature. To think otherwise means, once again, to think that God is not Provident, and His Creation fundamentally flawed. Then we need a Karl Marx to remedy it.

We thirst for justice, not for social justice. We don’t want to make everyone equally endowed with God’s graces, because it is God who decides which graces He endows you with. What we strive to achieve is that, in the use of the graces he has been given from God, a person is not hindered by injustice, that is: by the arbitrary and abusive stifling of the development of the graces God has given him.

Francis’ mention, in his tweet, of inequality as the first cause of poverty is another proto-communist stunt which, again, reveals the socialist mindset. Corruption and communism cause poverty, not inequality. Societies that give ample opportunity to everyone (think of Germany, Switzerland, certainly the United States) are all marked by vast inequality.

Jesus never said “blessed are those who thirst for social justice”. He never had the slightest problem with some people being very rich, whilst saying to his disciples that poverty is part and parcel of the human condition; still, he praised the woman fighting against the judge’s corruption and injustice.

Here’s the thing: this is a vale of tears, and it is exactly supposed to be it. God will give to everyone exactly those graces that are good for him, according to a Providential plan that we are unable to see fully. To some he will give intelligence, to some beauty, to some wealth, to some a strong will, to some a good heart, to some a strong faith, and so on. He will make the peasant in Peru be born, live and die in poverty, so that , after a life in prayer, he may spend eternity near His Creator, and he will make the socialite be born, live and die in prosperity, so that, after a life of corruption and godlessness, she may, after meriting hell, give witness forever of God’s justice. Or the exact contrary, as the case may be. Poverty is not a sign of sanctity, either.

Still: in the comparison above, who had the better deal? The Peruvian peasant. Infinitely so.

Justice is about giving to one what is due to him. Not about giving to one the same that has been given to another. W

What God has given to another, is not due to you.

And it’s not for Francis to say how much you should have.

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