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Real Suicides Of Orange County

Cows of Orange County

I have no idea who Heather Dubrow is; but, judging from this article of the always oh so understanding Breitbart (notice how they are always so observant of all the “right” abbreviations for perverts groups) she is a really bad mother. By “bad” I do not mean she is a tad too self-centred etc.

No, I mean she is really destroying her family.

This female manages to have 3 out of 4 of her children “coming out” as perverts, with the youngest daughter (clearly wanting to outdo her older siblings) going full hog to (at least wannabe) trannie. One wonders what kind of totally broken environment the poor pervs have grown in: neglect, self-centredness, and stupidity in a hard concentrate form, like those “double strength” orange juice brands. This here, clearly, triple strength madness.

Woman clearly did it wrong from the start, growing her children in a most vapid and virtue signaling environment. The oldest children “came out” first, because they would not outpaced by mama in attraction-seeking and general vanity. Now oldest girl goes all the way and decided she is now a man.

What does mama do? “Supports” , and tries to affirm their own children in their perversion as much as practicable.

“Isn’t is wonderful?”, the demons, no doubt, said in hell.

I know how this will end: total derangement, miserable lives and, not unlikely, one or more very real suicides.

Very likely, at the same time as celebrity mama is deciding about her next silicone injection.

Francis Encourages Illegality, But Complains About Its Consequences

Lead provider for traffickers

It has been official for a long time, but it bears saying it again:

this guy is stupid.

“May these voyages of hope never again turn into voyages of death,” [the evil clown] said.

Stupid guy (I keep liking “il cretino gloriosamente regnante”) is apparently not aware of a handful of things. Let us see if I can try and open his eyes on this.

  1. There are traffickers because people who want to do illegal things ask for their services.
  2. These people, who ask traffickers for their illegal services, are the instigators of criminal offences. They are not even accomplices. They are the driving force.
  3. They are, therefore, not innocent.

In fact, Francis should slowly realise that people like him, who keep encouraging people to try to get to Europe illegally, share the moral responsibility for tragedies like this one.

In this tragedy the culprits must be searched among those who plan a criminal offence and carry it out, those who facilitate it with their technical means (e.g. boats), and those who encourage the first and act as lead providers for the latter (the bleeding hearts like the Pope).

Therefore, let me rephrase the phrase for the benefit of this clown:

“May stupid leftists never again encourage people to become criminals and carry out their crimes to their deaths”.

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