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The Consoling Desolation Of Francissquare

Such a popular guy…

Remember those pictures and video of St Peter’s square full of people?

Ten years later, and what you have is this. Francissquare could almost be a living room.

“Preaching to the stones” is a very fortunate image, well representing the catastrophe of this clown pontificate.

The desolation is, in itself, consoling. If Francis had the satisfaction of full squares, he would feel encouraged to turbocharge his clown attitude and Catholicism-free verbal diarrhoea. As it is, He is confronted with his abject failure every time.

Of course, this man hates Catholics, and is therefore not necessarily having sleepless nights about their refusal to consider him; but in the end, I am sure he loves his ego more than he hates Catholics and would greatly rejoice in seeing his heretical stunts validated, even if validated by people he clearly does not like. Still, not happening, as the hated Catholics just have no time for this tool.

Herein lies a lesson for “progressive” religious professionals of all thinkable and unthinkable shades of Protestantism: making an ass of yourself will cost you your audience. You would think, both they and Francis would have understood this by now. Likely, not at all.

And so we will go on, for as long as God allows, with this monstrously fat caricature of a Catholic pope. When he dies (soon, soon!!!) the empty square and the growing disgust for all things “last century” will hopefully make place for a more assertive, joyous, brilliant and unapologetic church.

One, that is, that is authentically Catholic.

When that time comes you will see way more clearly the plan that God seems to be preparing us for now: heretical preaching can never cause the Church more than some bruises, whilst Catholicism stays the same for eternity. People like Francis could just be the way by which God helps the lukewarm and the distracted to understand.

Let’s hope and pray for a new Catholic pontiff; perhaps not a militant hero like a Pius X, but at least someone who understands what’s going on outside of the walls of the Vatican instead of reliving 1974 in his little boorish brain.

Old Hags

Never felt the need for “societal change”…

So, it appears that, if you are Catholic and woman, the younger, the more conservative.


The article has some insights concerning this phenomenon, but I would like to say more.

The generation of those who in the US are called “boomers” is, in Italy, better known as “sessantottini”, that is: the generation that was giving trouble in their youth, troubles which started in 1968. In my experience, this is the most toxic generation of all those I have seen.

The Sixty Eighters are those who demolished a societal system that was actually working very well. They thought they knew better than all the generations before them. Apparently, they have become old, but not one bit less stupid. Of course, that society wasn’t perfect. No society is. In fact, one needs to be stupid to think otherwise.

This was, in Europe, the first generation of mass superior education. They thought they really knew better. The arrogance of the stupid and young was met by old people in awe at the “education” of their children, and without the proper instruments to defend values they knew to be right. We know how that went.

I have often written that, in order for things to improve, we need this generation of old people (and old hags) to die, as there is clearly no redemption for them. You need to consider that, in Europe, the wokeism phenomenon and extreme madness of gender theory is still mentioned, mostly, to make a mockery of it. Those who push it are, once again, largely older politicians who grew up with revolutionary ideas of “destroying in order to rebuild”. Plenty of those in the generation from, say, 1947 to 1962, that is, the generation of many people wielding power now.

These people will, in God’s appointed time, go to their judgment. Those they leave behind will be those who had to live and grow up with the mess their parents left them. They will, in far greater number, choose sanity.

Mind: I am talking about Europe. It seems to me that in the US the situation is far more serious, more polarised, and certainly more insane. Those the other side of the Pond might have to wait a little longer for sanity to come back, as a new generation of AOCs promises to wreak havoc with absolutely everything for decades to come.

Still: time is kind to logic and, at some point, sanity will come back.

Just tell grandma blathering about female priests to shut up already, because you know more than her, and it will be all fine.

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