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How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, LGBTSTFU+ Edition

My last post was around two days ago and the world has changed dramatically since then.

The earthquake came, if I remember correctly, on Friday evening: Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia re-established “diplomatic relationships” in ” a deal brokered by China”.

It is very clear that this is way more than a limited “let’s re-open the embassies” limited deal. This is a historic rapprochement between the two Countries. They are not becoming best buddies, but they are going to work together.

The implications are so vast that my head spins.

Firstly: Saudi Arabia has ditched their friendship with the United States. There will be friendly words and a lot of diplomacy, but no: Joe has lost the Saudis, big time. This was some years in the making: Biden had called the Saudi a Rogue States during his electoral campaign, which came back to bite him in the back when he was elected. The Saudis were already complaining of the lack of support against Yemen’s Houthi guerrilla. The Saudis were, also, famously angered when Biden, who was insulting them until three minutes before, considered it a given that they would increase their oil production to help the US and their allies face the consequences of their astonishingly dumb sanctions against Russia.

The Saudis have, as we say in Italy, made 2+2. They recognised that Biden is only there to humiliate and bully them. They also saw a superpower out of control, seized by a perverted (as in: literally sexually perverted) bullying-mania spanning the entire planet and not stopping even in front of China and Russia. They understood that the new world order (with Russia and China on the one side, and the “collective West” on the other) could see only one winner. Most of all, they realised that neither China nor Russia plan to lecture them on their own policies and way they run their Country.

Enter Iran. Iran was kept, more or less, in the naughty corner by Russia and China for years (with good reason, I add). But the LGBTSFTU+ Planetary Bullying required new kind of alignments, and Iran had an important role to play. I think that China (and, unofficially, Russia) went to Iran and said to them: “stop being a planetary ass and there is a lot, and we mean really a lot, that we can do for you. If you are a valued, non-bullied member of an extremely vast and powerful alliance, what need do you have of nuclear deterrence? Look, I have these guys here (they point at the Saudis), who would like to work with us. They are so angry at the Americans they are ready to come to our side. Can we make it all work, together, with immense advantages for everyone?”

The rest is, as they say, history.

The Saudis have a new, extremely powerful umbrella in Russia and China, and they got rid of the Iranian nuclear threat. I also think they will soon agree with the Iranians on an end of the hostility in Yemen. The Iranians (the biggest winners if you ask me), give up something they would have not realistically achieved ( = their nuclear program) and tap immense markets both for their export and for the import of strategic stuff like advanced weapons (surprise! Su-35 already coming their way!). Russia and China secure two very resource-rich and strategically placed allies, one of which freshly taken away from the West!

The US are, as it is extremely clear, the biggest losers (Israel and the EU being the others; but even my cat knows that the EU counts zippo at this point). The Saudi, Iranians, Russians and Chinese together are an extreme vast de-dollarisation environment, and that alone spells disaster for them. In the next 5 to 10 years, you are going to witness the end of the dollar as the dominant reserve and commerce (particularly: oil) currency. This was already in the making and I have written about it, but it is now a factual certainty.

On a more military-focused point of view, this extremely powerful new block has the potential to get straight at the throat of the United States, the latter’s only viable response being a nuclear war. Imagine Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz even as the Saudi, together with Russia, throttle crude oil sales to the Collective West, calibrating them to the point where they both make tons of money out of the West, but the West still suffers for lack of energy. It’s game, set and match BRIC+, who are now the most powerful geopolitical pole in the world.

Biden’s extremely arrogant, Twitter-driven signalling virtue cost him an extremely valuable ally in the Middle East. The people he wanted isolated (Iran), are now in the process of becoming full members of the most powerful club in existence. Joe’s allies have technology and money, but no raw materials, and he also blows up their pipelines, managing to anger them, too.

It truly is a diplomatic catastrophe fuelled by virtue-signalling on an assassinated journalist, more virtue-signalling on LGBTSTFU+ rights, and a general attitude of superiority and condescension the entire world is utterly and completed sick and tired of.

At this point, there is no going back. The Saudis have chosen (probably after many warnings behind the scenes), and the Iranians have been tames by the Chinese and Russians even as their resources and strategic value has now become a Sino-Russian asset. It was truly a masterful stroke from the side of the Chinese and Russians (it is very clear the two worked in tandem all the time: Russia wants it to be known, as it is abundantly clear from the announcement about the Su-35. I think the Saudis will announce their toy purchases very soon, too…).

Congratulations, Joe.

Go hire another trannie.

You are doing just fine.

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