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Ten Years Of Platitudes (Or Worse)

This papacy in one image

OK, the Garcia Marquez reference is not perfect, but I think you get my drift.

Ten years ago, we were surprised with the election of the Evil Clown. Since then we have all become ten years older, Francis has also become two times fatter, and the number of heretical utterings comings from a Pope have been multiplied by a number too big to count.

Francis will not “celebrate” his accession to the throne so ingloriously occupied. He is too isolated for that, and he knows that the mockery would get to the sky. Rather, he will play humble wheelchair-lover once again, whilst some of his most disquieting sycophants sing his praise like the little old boot lickers they are.

He has become fatter, but not wiser. If anything, I would say that his already extremely pronounced pettiness and childishness have become more worrying with the years. At the beginning, there was a lot of “look at humble me”. After a couple of months, though, we started to see the real Francis: the faithless, borderline possessed heretic extremely eager to be liked by the world and, actually, by the worst part of it: perverts, heretics, and commies.

Every Catholic has the faculty, and some theologian say the duty, to pray for the painless death of a Pope that is a disgrace to the Church. I invite each one of my readers to renew his prayers for his immediate demise. In your charity, you can pray for his conversion in alternative for his death, but we all know that his conversion would require a miracle, whilst his death is a far more natural occurrence.

This papacy is, at the same time, a punishment and a wake up call. It is a punishment for Vatican II, and a wake up call concerning where V II unavoidably leads the Church.

We accept the punishment, understand the wake up call, and pray that the man can depart this vale of tears as soon as may be, and a strong Catholic guy may take his place. Even among the Cardinals there is, I think, the knowledge by now that this show cannot go on.

Still, in ten years the situation has deteriorated a lot, but things have also, in a way, come to a head.

This is, in fact, the silver lining of this hugely fat cloud.

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