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Why Christians Keep Losing: Oestrogens In The Mickey Mouse “church”

First, please follow the link here. It’s about a Mickey Mouse “bishop” of the Mickey Mouse “church of England” explaining why he will not adopt the last perverted stunt of his Mickey Mouse organisation.

The reading will make you cringe.

It’s all about being so, so sorry that someone will be disappointed. The perverts are called with all the right letters in the right order, without even omitting the “plus” lest some freak show be offended. It literally drips of oestrogen-laden, eternal loser, soy-eating beta boy.

The general impression one gets by reading the cringeworthy document is that Mickey Mouse bishop is so, so sorry that Jesus should cause such disappointment in so many unique, wonderful members of the community (add here all the right letters in the right order, and don’t forget the “plus” at the end!); alas, this being Jesus, Mickey Mouse bishop still thinks that his oh so wonderful perverts will have to endure some discomfort; for which he is, mind you, so, so sorry.

Oh, if perversion just wasn’t condemned by Christ! How happily would we all live together, each one with his favourite perv letter (without forgetting the “plus”)!

This is, of course, a total inversion of logic, only possible when logic has been displaced by oestrogens.

Christianity condemns perversion. There is no place for the kind of sugary apologies in which the linked-to document seems to want to drown. We are not sorry that we are right. We are not sorry that perversion disgusts us to the core. We do not try to appease the Enemy.

Saint Bernadine of Siena wanted sodomites executed. Note that strange title, “saint”, and think very hard about how our Christian feelings and practices have deteriorated.

Mickey Mouse Anglican “bishop” is sooo, sooo sorry he cannot give to his beloved vocal perverts (and their “allies”) the ***last*** virtual dildo they demand. But no worries, he will backpedal in time, after an awfully long process of discernment, whilst still being – with many apologies – against the ***next***virtual dildo. This way, he will always look as a defender of orthodoxy, without compromising his Anglican Mickey Mouse-ness too much.

Meanwhile, one wonders how much Christianity has remained in a cartoon “church” unable to recognise reality even when they claim to respect it.

You, rare Anglican reader of this blog: reflect very hard whether dying as a member of such a joke will be sufficient to avoid damnation. We have stupid Bishops in our (only) Church, but we have an immutable Depositum Fidei to refer to, and the Barque of Peter to ferry us, damaged as the vessel is, safely on the other side.

There is, by all its troubles, only one shop.

It’s the one Christ found on Peter.

The Synodal App.

I wonder what hides in his phone…

It is known that there are, out there, mobile phone apps meant to facilitate “casual sex”, which I mean to signify people meeting for the only purpose of having sex. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this is driven by homos, for the simple fact that, irrespective of the sexual appetite of men, it will be extremely difficult to find women willing to engage in this kind of exercise. Therefore, these apps look like, largely, the preserve of sodomites. Still, one must also say that the level of horniness and brazenness of a heterosexual male using such apps goes way beyond what normal people would consider normal.

As it now turns out, a number of priests and seminarians have been exposed as using such (let us say it once again: largely homo-focused) apps.

Now, imagine this priest or seminarian, pretending to wanting to be a man consecrating his life to God’s service whilst being so obsessed with sex – and, likely, perverted sex – that he uses an app to find a way to satisfy his lust. What kind of priest will this be?

I tell you what kind of priest he will be: he will be the feminist, social justice, priesthood equality, ecu-maniacal, inter religious dialogue, Francis revolution kind of guy. This, if he is not all out as a Father Georgina type.

Put together enough of these disgraceful individuals, and you have a “synodal path” or, rather, the “Synodal app”. There, I have explained the way the church is going with the help of an app.

How do we get out of this? By ditching Vatican II.

Same as all other problems that plague the Church, the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine is at the root of this one. In fact, we might flip this coin and say that there is only one problem (the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine), and all the ailments of the Church come from there.

I am not a saint by any means, and cannot claim any realistic hope of going straight to paradise when I die. Still, the idea of using an app for “casual hookups” is quite disgusting even to a layman like me. The idea of a seminarian or even priest using such devices is simply revolting. But hey, the guy will be at the altar next Sunday at the latest, saying “peace be with youuuu” in a likely somewhat shrill voice.

V II and everything in it needs to be exterminated, and strong traditional doctrine robustly taught in seminaries, propagated among the faithful, and defended among the public.

You do this, you will see that priests are made of the right stuff and you have no hooking app issues.

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