Wokeism Is Now A Major Threat

Poor, poor dog…

We used to make jokes about the “get woke, go broke” truism. We saw companies like Disney suffer because of the infiltration of dangerous, woke pronoun warriors. However, things have now gone way further than isolated companies here and there. Wokeism has now become a cancer that is trying to metastatise in the very fabric of US society.

Let me count the ways:

Education, I

Woke education is now more than gender theory studies. The number of student “assistants” (those ridiculous, young individuals tasked with caring about the well being of their suicidal, deranged spoiled brats) has multiplied by ten in the last years alone. This is one of the elements that cause university costs to skyrocket. This, in turn, exacerbates the phenomenon of student debt, which is an issue in normal circumstances, but becomes a social bomb when millions of cretins burdened with huge debt for their useless degrees start voting for Bernie Sanders.

Education, II

The huge number of cretins with degrees (some of them useful from a purely technical point of view, like programmers; others completely useless like “alphabet experts” of all sorts), who don’t know history, cannot think critically and are the most easily duped sheep on earth, creates all sorts of issues, from gender theories to man made climate change fantasies. These are the same people who complain about witch trials and consider them medieval. They don’t understand that they are superstitious and gullible exactly in the same way, without the extenuating circumstance of not having access to information. They have no historic perspective. They have no critical thinking skills. They are hysterical Twitter parrots, but with a degree.

Military Preparedness, I

The degradation of the education system creates all sorts of other issues: the US military is losing military supremacy, simply because it does not produce the talent anymore to remain at the top of the technological advancement. The way Russia has left the US behind in military technology is just stunning. This is a serious threat to the well-being of US citizens, particularly when ignorant faggots like Lindsay Graham did not get the memo and advocate for steering a confrontation with a Country that would give the US an unforgettable lesson, very fast.

Military Preparedness, II

The backbone of the US military has traditionally been a type of blue collar White male coming from the formerly Confederate States. The transgender, pervert wave of wokeism is now causing a crisis in that respect, too. A great number of aged military men suggest to their children that they don’t follow the same career path, because an army worried with homos and trannies is not a fun, nor a good, nor even a safe army to be in. Let the homo and trannies fill the barracks and the trenches, then. We will see how much they are worth when the Russian shells start flying around.

Banking and Finance

The astonishing incompetence of the woke wannabe bankers creates a clear and present danger for the entire economy. Banks are at the heart of modern economic systems and, when things go seriously bad there, the entire economy of a country risks, literally, a heart attack. The news that many of the board members of Silicon Valley Bank were big Democratic donors 1) with no clue of proper banking and 2) abusing the shareholders’ money for woke activism should be a matter of great concern to everyone. I wonder what kind of regulation the US have in place to allow such things to happen.

Decency and Child Protection

Woke cretins not only want to pervert your brains. They want to pervert your children’s brains, too. The amount of suffering this is going to cause is incalculable.

Widespread Racism

It is now bad to be White, and very bad to be a White Male. Most advertisement now feature people of colour, who are clearly a minority of consumers. Being White is bad. This is a pervasive, unspoken (and sometimes spoken) racism that has infected entire sectors of the US population. They think that it’s not that they are racist (they cannot be racist, because….), it’s that we are Whites. Woke activists all over the HR departments in the US pump this racist culture up. It’s a total disgrace.


Look, this is not about the coffee shop anymore. This is a cancer that is spreading everywhere in the US. I am (for now) more optimistic for Europe, but as Europe tends to parrot every cultural trend from the US, who knows where things will end here, too.

I think I could go on, but this certainly gives the idea.

The US are at a crossroads. They must, as a country, collectively find the ethical, religious and common sense energy to counter these self destructive tendencies.

Failure to act will cause endless suffering, and the end of the US as we know it.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    M, it’s also a crisis within the Church that could destroy the Church as we (used to) know it. Please read the following pieces I wrote:



  2. I think the ‘education’ system was correctly placed by you at the top of the list. ‘Education 1’ was eroding since I was in school many years ago. It has only worsened exponentially since then, and the graduates move on to ‘Education 2’, still thoroughly uneducated. From there, they feed the whole system. There are not enough ‘normal’ people to fill the positions, and they probably wouldn’t want the jobs, or be hired, anyway. And you’re right about the backbone of the military: those families will encourage their sons to go into well-paid trades rather than suffer working for the current military. Everything has been carefully programmed for decades to lead to this. The only way out is to demolish and rebuild the education system. I can’t foresee that happening in the near future. But many families, mine included, have left the system, choosing homeschooling and work that is somehow outside of the system. As this continues, the Woke will make themselves obsolete (free abortion! free contraceptives!) and will be outnumbered by a smaller, smarter society.

    That is, if it is not too late. And sometimes it seems as though it might be too late.

  3. The latest sensation: “The Blubber Sisters”.

  4. grassrootgonzo

    I don’t think the oligarchs occupying the US via Biden’s cabinet managers have any intention of defending the US when Putin decides to attack. They all hate America with a passion. That is the whole point of purging the military of patriots, vaxxing who is left, leaving all that equipment in Afghanistan, refusing to allow a sniper to take out the suicide bomber that ended up killing 13 US servicemen there, among others. The US military are the attack dogs for the zionist occupiers, they do not protect America at all. In fact, it is now emerging that “Covid” mRNA “vaccines” are really DOD bioweapons given to the drug companies.

    • It’s more likely than a Yorkshire terrier attacks the US than Putin does.
      That “zionist occupier” stuff is a fantasy you need to wean yourself out of. The enemies of the us do not know race or religious affiliation. It’s a mindset of godlessness,not “the Jew”.

    • grassrootgonzo

      LOL. Thank you, Mr Mundabor, I am learning more every day! Idk about Putin, he is not as likely as his allies the Chinese…but really why should anyone invade the US when “Biden”, that apparent marvel of morality and astonishing intellect, is simply handing us over.

  5. podkamien59885a193b

    An additional consequence of “wokeism” is that trannies can fight, but only by pressing nuclear buttons. The only way they the US seems to know how to fight is by proxy or by nuclear weapons. It cannot fight a conventional war unless third world mercencaries can be bribed to fight with the promise of citizenship when discharged. Sound familiar? That is what the Romans did in their later years.

  6. As the USA goes down the toilet, the woke crowd blame conservatives who want to save decency. And Mundabor, that picture is the stuff of nightmares!!

  7. From left to right: probably a woman; we know he’s a man; species unknown; the dog is trying to escape.

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