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The New Normal

Seriously now…

Please look at this.

I don’t understand why everyone is so excited these days. It really must be some right-wing conspiracy.

Come on, man! Have you forgotten the countless people you have seen fainting live on TV in the past decades? They were all young and apparently healthy, and then they just fainted in front of the camera! Yes, it was always a thing! I think it’s because they get so emotional?

But no, everybody now sees all these people fainting live and think that it has to do with the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

It’s the same with the discos, you know. I remember that, when I was a child, there were a lot of people dying or fainting just because they were visiting a disco! It was very common, in those days, to just faint (or die) just in the middle of the dancefloor! I think, in fact, that if you look again at “Saturday Night Fever”, the John Travolta movie of the Seventies, there were some people just fainting during the filming! In fact, you will recall that they called it “fever” because “disco fever” made you faint on the dancefloor! It’s easy, no? Fever = ill = faint.


Also, all those people dying suddenly, who look very healthy.

Take Lance Reddick, for example. Clearly fit as a fiddle, he died “suddenly” at Sixty of “natural causes”. So what? Don’t you remember all those actors who died suddenly of natural causes in the Seventies, Eighties or Nineties?

Who, you will ask? Pppffff… too many to even remember!

It seems to me that people are being completely unreasonable here. It seems to me that a fully normal occurrence (healthy young people fainting or dropping dead) are suddenly being treated as something strange, blaming the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

Seriously, people. I don’t know who is behind these fake news.

I blame the J6 terrorists.

And Trump. Yes, Trump.

It has to be Trump’s fault.

Journey Into A Perverted Mind

“Take heed, o you who are faithful to your husbands!!”

One must say that Frankie is in great satanical form these days. On Friday (you will be able to find the link on the internet) he had another exercise in “this is that”, where he uses childish comparisons to sabotage the faith. Explaining to us that a lot of stuff that he does not like on earth “is hell”, he clearly implied that the “hell” of, say, poverty, inequality, you name it, is the only hell that needs to concern a human.

The outrage cause him to, actually, talk about humans who go to hell; but, this being the godless cretin he is, he decided to send an awful lot of good Catholics there. Let me quote:

“I go to church, I go to Mass, I am married, married in the church, and these people are divorced, sinners,” he asked, “Is your heart like this? (If so,) you will go to hell.”


In a world that is being taken over by freak shows, the consolation of a good Catholic life brings a guy to hell. Note here, that the poor married-in-the-church-Catholic will still hope that the sinner dies at peace with the Lord. There is no hint of such an attitude in Francis. If your heart is like this (now), you will go to hell. It’s like watching an extremely cruel, petty child throwing a tantrum.

It does not end here.

These Catholics will go to hell because, though they live the sacramental life, “they have no room for God because they feel no need for him,”. There is no mention of hell for all those who feel no need whatsoever for God (like his late buddy Scalfari and all those like him), say so openly and give scandal, live filthy lives, and do not even live the sacramental life. No, in Francis’ world your avowed rejection of God leads to automatic salvation (because meeerccyyy), but dare for one second to take some comfort in your following the rules, and the guy will send you to hell before you can say “wheelchair”. This is a Thunberg level of cretinism.

It does not end here.

Continuing subversive statement made in the past, Francis continued to expand (the way a man with the intelligence of a toddler could) on his idea of “automatic absolution”, asking his priests to “please forgive everything, forgive always.”

Well, Francis, you genius. Can’t your little commie brain understand that, even with your absurd absolution criteria, the presumptuous guy who actually goes to confession (as the good Catholics Francis hates all do) still has a much bigger chance of salvation than the atheists, the filthy faggots, and the utterly evil trannies Frankie is so fond of?

How likely is one of the above mentioned pervs and atheists to die thinking that he does not need God? How many are those in percentage of the population? Does Francis pose himself these little, pesky questions before he basks in his – this, really, presumptuous – mass condemnation of decent Catholic people?

The conclusion of all this is as as follows: Francis has

  1. an utterly perverted mind, and
  2. A very stupid one at that.

Again, it’s like seeing an evil child trying to be smart.

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