Meet The New Pandas

No Panda status for you I am afraid….

It’s official.

Women are the new Pandas.

I switched on my TV set and there was, on my dashboard, very much on top, where the ads for channels I never watch are, the ad of a show called “women who know how to survive”, or words to that effect.

Well, blimey! I did not know most women do not know how to survive! I think they actually manage just fine! But no, I was indirectly informed that we, the Oppressive Males, create an extremely unfavourable environment, in which we do most heavy jobs, get divorce raped, and die in wars. How wrong I was!

Then there is the chess site who, for “women’s month”, makes you play against “female bots”, who are unknown females now being pushed as historical figures who have done oh so much for the advancement of humanity. This pathetic need for the artificial promotion of women as men actually makes men aware that they have a factual monopoly on “new stuff”, from discovering gravity to discovering new continents and everything in between. But no, obnoxious female bot must let you know, during the play, what an accomplished nobody she was when she was alive. She ends up losing, too.

They don’t say, these accomplished bots, whether they were loving mothers, aunts, daughters and sisters. They don’t say whether they gave joy to an entire household with their loving attitude and sweet disposition. They never mention whether what they wanted most in life was to be loving wives and mothers.

I don’t even believe what the bots say. It’s easy to cheat on nobodies. And no, Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann were vastly less talented than their brother slash husband. We live in an age of crested accomplishments, even retroactive ones.

To me, as a man, this reveals an amount of insecurities in feminist females that is outright shocking. They really, really need to let you know that they also have a teeny weeny penis.

As to the other women, that is: the normal ones, I think they will keep doing just fine, as they have always done.

I never read about the accomplishment of the Blessed Virgin, by the way.


She was, clearly, the most accomplished human ever.

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