Rules For Pedos

Let us say that you are, say, a pedophile. You think the world unjust for condemning you. Your fellow pedos agree with you. You will desire to proceed in this way.

Pick a new name

Pick a name, something like SMART, Spontaneously Minor AttRacTed. Ask your pedo friends among journalists, politicians, social workers etc. to call you that way. Slowly but surely, the name ‘Smart” will be mentioned more and more often. Give it ten or twenty years, “smart” will be a fairly common way of saying “pedo”.

Pick some colours

These being pedos, the colours will likely be light blue and pink. Make banners with them. Bring those around when you go protest on the street. Call yourself the “pink and blue people”. Cry “injustice” a lot.

Born that way

Claim victimhood at every step. You are the persecuted one. As you were born that way, it is clearly unjust to condemn you. You just want to be free to be who you really are. Isn’t that allowed to everybody, even to trannies nowadays?

Make it about freedom

You are oppressed. Your freedoms are being trampled. You are, also, the advocate of children who are prevented from making their own choices, which hampers their development and will lead them to irreversible damage or suicide. Have your pedo friends persuade their ultra liberal friends that it is their children’s choice. This will be easy with so many homosexuals who have adopted children. Tell them their children are repressed by a bigoted society now just like they were in decades past.

Push for decriminalisation

When you are at that point – say, thirty years from the start – push for decriminalisation. Ephebophiles like Socrates and Oscar Wilde will be very useful. Quote and mention them everywhere. They were the pinnacle of their civilisation. Tell people you don’t want to persuade them of anything, you just think jail is not appropriate and an injustice. You, quisque de populo, can despise them, just accept that jail is not granted.

Push for acceptance.

Then comes the acceptance. It’s legal, therefore the stigma attached to Smart people is not justified. It is, actually, racism. Criticise Smartphobia at every step. March like there is no tomorrow. Use those flags. Use those journalists. The BBC will be full of them. You don’t want to force others to be like you. You simply want to feel you are one of them.

Create your own Month

Pick July as “smart month”. Publicise it everywhere with the help of your fellow journalists. March like there is no tomorrow. July is a beautiful month, linked to holidays and lack of cares.

Blackmail everybody

Every bank, every big consumer goods company, everybody who does not pay tribute to you will be branded as “smartphobic”, and the calls for its cancellation will be deafening. They will be asked to “celebrate diversity” and contribute to “raising awareness” about “Smartphobia”. Silence is violence. Make them produce pink and light blue cotton tote bags. By now, Smartphobia will be very, very bad. You, as a citizen, will never want to be a Smartphobe. You’ll not go anywhere professionally. Your friends will unfriend you from Fagbook.

Push for criminalisation of “Smartphobia”

Cry very hard. March all day. Be very aggressive. You have human rights, and those who keep criticising you have no place in society. They are like the worst racists. They are Hitler. Of course they can’t be allowed to spread their hate around. This is unacceptable. Promote “zero tolerance” against “hate”. Hate has no place in society.


I have done it for you.

Fifty years max, and everything will change.



Talking of this….

The path described reminds me or other people.

I think they used to be called “maggots”, or “baggots”, or “gaggots ”.

Something like that.

I just can’t remember their name now…

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  1. John Calvin, in effect, said that everyone was “born that way,” predestined to Heaven or Hell. But to his credit, at least he thought that the acts committed by people predestined to Hell were sins. Now these acts are regarded as equal to what we used to call virtues.

  2. I was supervising my ill grandchildren on Tuesday morning and glancing at my favorite blogs on my Kindle. The 12 year old, Jack, glanced over my shoulder and was shocked that I was reading something with a swastika. I had to explain to him that it was a satirical site and I was not studying Nazi behavior on my Kindle. Hilarious!

  3. Dear M, thanks for this very clear and concise account of the standard Marxist tactics, as described in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” FWIW, reading that in conjunction with “Pascendi” is well worth the effort. God bless you and your efforts.

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