Airline Trannie Down, Or: The Trannie Hoax Clearly Does Not Fly.

Not quite how it was meant to be…

A prominent airline Trannie has just committed suicide.

A Mister Scott – a man who, for some inscrutable reasons having to do with the devil, thought he was a woman, has offed himself. We know – though the woke crowd don’t – that this is how this madness, in most cases, ends.

Follow the link and look at the atrocious dynamics at play here. The man, in a last attack of extremely childish narcissism, broadcasts his suicide to his thousand of virtue-signalling followers in a way that screams “me, me, meeee” in every word. There is no hint of repentance for, very likely, mutilating himself and destroying his life. There is no honest admission that he screwed up on a planetary scale. There is, instead, the last passive-aggressive bit of bitching at the planet before his self-immolation. It is extremely difficult to see how this guy could have avoided hell.

I have said my eternal rest even for Bin Laden. I have, therefore, said one for this tool, too. Make no mistake, it sounds like a waste (but God applies every prayer to worthy should, so it isn’t).

Just as cringeworthy is the reaction of the “friend”, apparently the author of the article, one of the social media sheep who enjoy basking in the feeling of their own moral superiority. It is another show of virtue signalling, the pretend self reproach of the man who says “I am oh, so good! Look at how good I am! But have I been good enough?”

These are, in fact, the “helpers” and “allies” that will accompany the madman to his self-destruction, whilst feeling so virtuous every step of the way. Of course, ultimately the guy who committed the suicide is the only one responsible for his gesture. But I really wouldn’t want to be the one that virtue-signals all the way to another one’s precipice.

And so there you have it. Sexual perversion (note for the woke crowd: a trannie is every bit a pervert as a dyke or a sodomite are; and no, he is not a madman in the literal sense, then this is a lucid, Satan-fed madness) feeds, as so often, on a huge amount of narcissism. Then the plague of the modern time, virtue signalling, creates the perfect environment for the pervert to sink deeper and deeper into his own world of perverted delusion, until the cognitive dissonance becomes too much, and Satan finally gets his prize.

United Airlines also bear its part of moral responsibility. They not only tolerated the madness (there might be legal reasons for this; though I would, if allowed, fire the guy on the spot), but they decided to ride this satanic tiger and actually use the guy for, you guessed it right, more virtue-signalling and woke propaganda. Utterly despicable and, make no mistake, those who signed on this will, unless they repent, have their reward. I am a very Capitalistic guy, but when I see this kind of behaviour I really think it has gone too far.

Some of the comments are, actually, sane, insisting on calling the man him even if the author of the article refuses to say his proper male name. It is encouraging to see that more and more people see through the lie.

What do we learn from this? As more and more people encourage this particular kind of madness, and the madmen are elevated to the status of “trailblazers”, the suicides also increase and become more prominent.

The lie, literally, does not fly. It never did for us sane Catholics, but it certainly is becoming more and more difficult to believe even for a more, shall we say, agnostic crowd.

These madmen are, unwittingly of course, becoming the poster boys for the madness of tranniedom.

Do you want to end up totally miserable and, when the self-inflicted pain becomes too much, commit suicide? Become a trannie!! That’s the surest way to achieve your aim!

And no worries: there will be no lack of idiots accompanying you to your destruction every step of the way and, after your suicide, saying “I feeeel responsible for nooot dooooing mooooore”.

If any of my readers have – through no fault of their own – some relative who fancies himself a woman, perhaps articles like the linked one, and accurate statistics about the extremely high suicide rates among these nutcases, could help avoid the worst.

Still: realistically, a man who has decided that he is a woman trapped into the body of a man is already very advanced in his satanic madness; and prayer, very likely, the only thing that can help.

In your charity, make a (huge) effort and say a prayer for this stoopid tool. He also had an immortal soul, a soul of infinite value. That he likely merited to have his soul damned forever is, in itself, one reason more to pray that he might have saved his.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    Praying for bin Laden’s posthumous salvation is an insult to a holy, righteous God who hates sin and the destruction of the innocent. It’s also an insult to those whose murders he planned. The only way bin Laden receives salvation is if he repented of his murderous designs and embraced Christ before his death. Otherwise, he is in Hell. I don’t have to a prophet to say or know that.

    • What an arrogant, stupid thing to say. I pray the Fatima prayer every day, and I mean it. Of course Bin Laden would only be saved if he was, by God’s grace, converted before death, and the “posthumous” salvation is a blasphemous invention of yours, but attribute this crap to me again and we are done. But this does not mean that his soul does not have infinite value and is not worth of praying for. Be informed that, to this day, the Church has masses said for the soul of Martin Luther. Yes, of Martin Luther, because *we pray for our enemies*. Again: this twice before you post a comment, or I will take care of your attitude myself.

    • Joseph D'hippolito

      “What an arrogant, stupid thing to say.”

      No, it is not an arrogant, stupid thing to say. If you are asking God to save bin Laden’s soul from the fires of Hell, what exactly are you praying for? Less time in Purgatory? More lenient damnation? What, exactly, are the implications of engaging in such a prayer?

      Besides if saving from the fires of Hell isn’t salvation, ultimately, then what is it? Would bin Laden even merit Purgatory for his crimes?

      True, every soul is valuable to God. So are the souls who suffered under his and his henchmen’s brutality. In fact, I would dare say that the souls who suffered are *more* precious to God. God *hates* sin, especially when it’s ostensibly committed in His name, as Muslim terrorists like bin Laden claim. Committing such atrocities in God’s name (and, yes, I know that “Allah” is *not* “Yahweh”) is a direct violation of the commandment not to take God’s name in vain.

      If you think my comments are rubbish, take Hitler. In his final official act before committing suicide, Hitler dictated his last will and testament, in which he commended his successors to “continue the struggle against international Jewry.” That’s pretty much a direct quote from the documents. Now, had Hitler repented, he would have countermanded that order. He didn’t. Should we pray for Hitler escaping the fires of Hell? If so, is that not some sort of false moral equivalence between the perpetrators of evil and the victims of evil?

      “It is appointed for man once to die. Then comes judgement,” wrote St. Paul in his Letter to the Hebrews. That statement means that God takes personal moral responsibility seriously. Otherwise, He never would have inspired the Ten Commandments. He never would have had His Son carry the tremendous burden of human sin so that the human race could be redeemed through His atoning sacrifice.

      God is the quintessence of justice, holiness and righteousness. His demands do not change. Nor does He. Let Him handle the bin Ladens and the Hitlers of this world, *pace Maria.*

    • The premise is false, and very arrogant.
      Whilst you can express yourself in term of probability, you cannot decide that Osama is in hell. The infinite value of his soul make even an infinitely small probability of conversion worth praying for. This is, exactly, why the Church prays for Her enemies, even for Martin Luther.

  2. Poor pooch. They’ve decided to transition him into a cat.

  3. As a society, we haven’t gotten around to accepting the fact that even ORDINARY fornication, between a male and a female, introduces chaos into people’s lives and tears at the fabric of society. This blindness as to basic realities has led us to where we are now.

  4. This person is a victim of “satanic madness”.
    We look no farther than the “Trans Day of Vengeance” that is planned in the U.S. on April 1st.
    I have heard the phrase “demonic frenzy” used by some exorcists.
    I believe that this what we are witnessing with the Trans thing.

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