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The World Is Changing, Or: Uganda Vs Faggocracy

“Sorry, man, but I don’t understand your pronouns”….

Clearly, the world is changing.

Put yourself in the position of Uganda, a Country that can be easily harmed – not destroyed, no; but humiliated and impoverished until it decides to behave “properly” – by the mighty United Trannies Of America. This Country, which is traditionally Christian, wants to act to avoid the degeneracy – nay: the lunacy – they see is invading the West.

They know that, the times being what they are, Trannie Central would come down on them like a ton of rainbow coloured bricks. Why, then, do they embark in such an enterprise?

The reason is very simple: because the world is changing. The planetary bullying of the US has now been countered by a new, extremely powerful block. This new block has, as a founding principle, the non-ingerence in the affairs of partner countries. If you want to be Communist, or Christian, or Muslim, this can be good or bad; but it is not something these Countries will see as their duty to change.

For Countries like Uganda, this makes all the difference.

The US are, predictably, threatening already, as Uganda is going against the Religion of Sodom firmly in power over there. But their threats sound hollow. Russia, China, and their allies of the expanded BRICS will clearly be happy to provide the Country with fair access to whatever they need and can pay, without asking them to dechristianise in return. This is a game changer in many African Countries.

In fact, the new approach is now found attractive in previously unsuspected corners. The main reason why Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to bury the war axe is exactly this: a world dominated by a superpower demanding to dictate everybody’s policy is such an immediate danger that sworn enemies can decide to collaborate.

The world is changing, and this change has been certainly accelerated by the mad arrogance of wanting to remote control a country as powerful, vast and varied as Russia, destroying or damaging Ukraine and Georgia in the process. Some US citizen begin to understand now, and many more will in the future, what a miscalculation it was.

Activism and social and religious engineering have come too far. The backlash will now be furious. The Ugandan legislation is exactly that: a very long finger proudly erected in the direction of Trannie Central.

May it be followed by many other very long fingers, in Africa and elsewhere, saluting the end of the Faggocracy and its attempt to install a gigantic Rainbow World Domination.

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