Mundabor’s Call For A Ban On Trannies

In more ways than one…

The murderous tragedy in Tennessee really has a lot of overtly satanical in it.

A woman thinking that she is a man, mad of hate against her Christian school for calling her madness exactly what it is. This mad hate leading the woman to attack the school at the cost of her own mad life. The wilful killing of three children, unknown to her, just in order to satisfy her need for innocent blood. It really makes your blood chill.

This is, of course, her fault. But in a broader sense, the blood of the children, and adults, who died is on the hands of all the “allies” and “enablers” of these deranged individuals.

There is no ignoring or downplaying the gravity of this. We are surrounded by satanical people that our societies have encouraged in their madness. We, the West, have inoculated ourselves with the germs of a mad virus infecting not only the madmen, but those who insist in protecting and “celebrating” them.

We need a ban on trannies, now.

The very idea of a person being mutilated or heavily drugged just to get along with his madness goes against the most elementary sense of both sanity and humanity. The very concept of (officially) sane people actually going along with this in order to worship at the satanic altar of their humanistic religion is a perversion of the human mind without precedent in human history.

Common sense has gone to the dogs in so many ways. What percentage of the US population is made of trannies? Shall we call it 0.1%? I’d say it’s likely way less. Still, at 0.1% is still means that one trannie massacre equates to 1000 non-trannie massacres. Do you realise the potential for violence of these people freely roaming around, and increasing in numbers?

I fully expect that the US Democrats now go with full force against this obvious public safety issue. They have certainly realised, by now, that each one of these deranged individuals is a potential grave danger to the children around him. They will, surely, react to this in a way consistent with their oh so virtuous appreciation for total security? Surely? Surely?

Oh wait, I forgot.

If you sold your soul to Satan, you are unlikely to be going against your new boss, aren’t you?

I bet they will attribute this to “gun violence”; as if guns, not trannies, were violent. Oh wait. It has started already…

Let’s hope that more and more people start seeing the light on this. This is what we need:

Total ban on genital mutilation and hormonal manipulation.

Forced admission of those already mutilated/manipulated in structures that can protect them from themselves, and everybody else from them, and help them to recover whatever sanity can be recovered and undo whatever damage can be undone.

Legislation to criminalise as attempted genocide the promotion of hate against humanity.

There. The path is very clearly set.

Will be, the West, have the energy and resolve to follow it? How many more children will have to die before this happens?

I look at the so-called elected President, and I am unable to be optimistic. This madness will have to go full bonkers before sanity goes back again. There are too many minions of Satan in power right now.

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  1. Mundy, you checked all the correct horrible boxes. And here is this: “A police spokesperson told ABC News that Hale was assigned female at birth.” Even the police go along with the nonsense.

    And I am waiting for one bishop (hundreds would be proper) to tell his flock and the world that this woman is almost certainly in Hell how, 99.99999% certainty. And while he is at it, let him also counsel the flock on how eternally important it is to stay in the state of grace — I’ll let you know if I hear even one bishop speak like this. But we will instead hear bishops talk of their sympathy and solidarity with the murdered and their families, and how we need gun control, blah, blah, blah.

  2. When people think of trannies, they tend to think of the charismatic “entertainers” who take to the stage in drag, singing and dropping witticisms left and right. But that’s all just an act. (Does RuPaul live his day-to-day life as if a female? I seriously doubt it.) The life of a trannie is completely chaotic, out of control, and fueled by drugs and alcohol. Scratch the surface of a trannie and you are virtually guaranteed to find sexual abuse. Many of them are so disturbed that they are unable to carry on a coherent conversation. As you have repeatedly pointed out here, a lot of them die by their own hand.

    In an age when every government institution and major corporation is trumpeting trannies, people want to continue to delude themselves that the travails of trannies are because society refuses to accept them for who they are. But really, it is they who refuse to accept themselves for what they are. Their lot in life is the direct and inevitable result of making war on the God Who made them male or female.

  3. R. Hunter Bidet

    Mundi, I think we need to be realistic and have a blanket ban including “plain” homo degeneracy, not only transvestites. Juan Martin Rago, aka “Jey Mammon,” friend of Evil Clown Omogoglio from Argentina, and former “catechist” to boot, was accused of abusing boys (of course). You leave these demons to roam free because of “luv” and they cannot control their predatory behavior.–the-details-of-the-file-for-sexual-abuse-and-why-the-case-will-not-be-reactivated.SktDrYJ-3.html

    “I am 44. Fifteen years ago one of my former catechesis students, with whom I formed a band when I was leaving my role as catechist, Jay told me, for the J in English for Juancho. We named the band Mammon who is the son of the devil. Because at first I was angry, then I accepted. I understood that the wrong one was me, it was not space.

  4. R. Hunter Bidet

    Uganda illuminates the way!

  5. And now they are arming themselves with the pretense that they are the ones threatened. There are some really creepy photos on Twitter, some calling for vengeance. Is this what the shooting in Nashville was about? Who will be next? A Catholic Church during Mass?

  6. Dear Mundabor, sad to say, but since Adam and Eve there’s only been one way we sinners learn: the hard way. Time to fasten seatbelts and put our trust in Our Lord.

  7. I agree 100%. Since I first learned of this madness a few years back I’ve been persuaded that these people are a legitimate threat to the safety of others because they are nihilists. They deny the very meaning of language, saying that a woman can be a “man” or that a man can be a “husband.” Anyone who crosses that line has no regard for reality or objective notions of right and wrong. If you ask me anyone who identifies as “trans” needs to undergo intense psychiatric treatment, and in the probable event that doesn’t work, needs to be locked away and sedated into a vegetable state for the good of society.

  8. and we have an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court that can’t define the word-woman.

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