The Greatest Injustice On Earth (For The Insane)

Trannies aren’t having a good week. First, the entire planet understands their potential for violence. Before you know, they are banned from competing with women in athletics. This only follows a similar ban on swimmers only a couple of days ago.


I am, like you, pleased at this glimpse of sanity. But you see, it is just a glimpse. In fact, what it does is to perpetuate the same injustice it pretends to celebrate.

Look, you have decided that that burly guy is a woman, right? You have affirmed his right to be called a woman. You have celebrated his womanhood. You have called those who actually use their brains oppressive, patriarchal, haters and all sort of horrible things. Why, then, you now behave like them?

You have decided that Butch is a woman? Treat him like a woman, then! Everything else would be an expression of the most hateful hypocrisy! You can’t have your cake and eat it! Besides, think of how this makes Sandrina (formerly, Butch) feel! Discriminated for who she is! Refused by men and women alike! This is atrocious, atrocious, I tell you! She will off herself, and it will be your fault!!

It is obvious that the relevant authorities are being utterly discriminating and full of racist hate here. They are, in fact, creating a third sex: male, female, trannie. This is hate, because they say, themselves, that the trannies are (prevalently) female! You cannot 1. Affirm Sandrina’s right to be female and 2. Deny to Sandrina the right to be female!

The only way out of this blatant discrimination is one of the two:

1. Coherent insanity: trannies who identify as such are females. This does not destroy female sport, because the trannies who dominate it are… females!

2. Coherent sanity: trannies who identify as females are madmen, but still men, in need of psychiatric attention.

In both cases, you would have coherence, and if it must be coherence of the lucidly mad, let those who have voted this madness enjoy it, and those who haven’t enjoy the complete destruction of female sport on the altar of insanity.

What is happening now is extremely hypocritical and legally questionable, as there will be no end of lawsuits stating that such bans are discrimination against people legally defined as females.

I think the claimants would be right. This will be an interesting one to watch.

Female is female.

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  1. “… trannies who identify as females are madmen, but still men, in need of psychiatric attention.” And in need of repentance from months or years of approving of or relishing evil thoughts and actions. Was the killer in Nashville mentally ill? Yes, but she largely made herself so.

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