Wait A Little Bit Longer

Look at this article and observe the picture at the top.

Never have I seen Francis so fat. If you compare this picture to the man who was – disgracefully – made Pope eight years ago, you would think them two different persons if it was not for the insufferable smirk.

I look at the picture. and I tried to put myself in the shoes of his knees. There is no way two 85 years old knees can carry a man of such vast proportions.

Francis says his diverticulitis has come back; this is no surprise looking at his vast circumference. You fight diverticulitis by living of fruits, dried fruits, and (most importantly) vegetables. If you keep eating meat, you will keep adding problems. I don’t know how much refined carbs he heats, but those won’t help him much, either, particularly with all that insulin clearly swimming in his blood.

Francis has now gone to the hospital again; however, this time this looks like a respiratory infection that is not Covid (how could it? Come on: science…!!!), and which will keep him a couple of days out of combat.

I wish we could be spared his presence during the Holy Week; but I think I am being too optimistic.

Still: time is on our side.

The Church is never in a hurry, and she has buried countless kings and emperors.

I am sure she can bear to wait a little bit longer on this one.

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  1. Apparently he’s rewriting or having his flunkies rewrite the Papal funerary liturgy as he considers it to have mistakes. Quite probably, it still has dignity and Francis cannot abide that. Short of his repentance, I don’t mind. It will be an end to a bit of a nightmare.

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