On Charity, Again, Or: Love Vs H8.

Ferrari Purosangue. Unthinkable 50 years ago, but here now…



Look, I do not want my readers to be angry at me, OK? However, there are things that are gnawing at me and I want to get them off my chest, now, today.

I mean: what if we are wrong? What if, say, Pope Francis is right, and we are therefore resisting what the Church tells us to do?

Bear with me for a moment.

Everything changes. Everything progresses. It seems to be part of God’s fabric of the planet that things… just… improve.

Your car is more advanced than those of, say, only 50 years ago. The same can be said for everything, from the phones to the household appliances.

I can switch my heating on and off remotely, with an app. Is this a blasphemy? No, it clearly is God-willed! The same happens to everything else. Why, one part of me is asking, this God-willed evolution in all things should be true, but only our faith should not evolve?

Take fornication, for example. (Yes, I know, I know…). Do you really think that the fornication of two people with a deep loving relationship is a mortal sin? I mean, seriously, I am… like…: really? So, if one dies straight during the act, suddenly, he goes to hell, like, I mean, with the high speed train?

Aren’t we being a little (I must say this…) rigid now?

And you see: I have always despised Francis.

Yes, I did.

Guilty as charged!

But.. but… is this not uncharitable? I mean, could it not be that God wants, from me, love, instead of judgment? And where does this lead me, if not by that most dreadful of states, H8?

I was mulling these things in my head, and do you know what I did? I went out for a walk!

I decided to reset all my preconceptions and judgments, and to just love. I abandoned myself to my feelings. I went around affectionately greeting every tree, every bush, every cat and every dog, sending positive thoughts and vibes to everyone I passed by. And you know what?

I felt so good! Yes, it felt good!

Yes. I was abandoning my rigidity, and I felt a great burden fell from me.

It felt so good. If it feels good, how can it be wrong?

You know what I am saying? I mean, like: do you feel it?

I don’t know whereto this journey will lead. I suppose I will let God guide me, I guess.

But wait: if God guides me (I guess), why would He not guide the Church? Do we need more Synodality, or less? I don’t know, like I am, like, confused.

But what I know is that we should journey together, because:

Synodality means journeying together as the People of God. It indicates a way of listening to each individual person as a member of the Church to understand how God might be speaking to all of us.

Pope Francis

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Let us journey together!


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  1. podkamien59885a193b


  2. Ana Maria Podesta

    I immedately felt that you are a boludo

  3. Oh M, O joy! After all these years you’ve shed your corset! Indeed, take my hand (virtually) and let us journey together. Let us listen to Journey as we journey. 🎶🎶

    Teach me the way! What better time than Holy Week to adjust our thinking in all things Catholic. Shall I display the pretty pastel blue and pink “Trans” flag? It’s so Easter-friendly and shows solidarity with those so persecuted in our society. After all, Joe Biden calls Trans people the “heart” of our country. And of the EU, too, certainly. A good start, no? We are a loving, compassionate and INCLUSIVE Easter people, right?? 😇😇😇

    I’ll look forward to our first lesson on Monday. Gotta go now—trading in my internal combustion car for a Prius. Decided to take the leap to electric I heard Toyota won’t be making them after this year. 😭😭😭

  4. Philip Johnson

    Walking together to Hell is where the Synod on Synodality leads people.On the way to Hell everybody can feel good about oneself as they begin to feel the heat!

  5. Joanne O Beirne

    Happy April Fools Day Mundabor 😅

  6. When you are confused, listen to Pope Francis, and then strongly consider or adhere to the opposite. A good rule.

  7. It’s April 1…and I am not falling for this joke like I did before. Always love your blog though!!!! A Blessed Easter to you dear Mundabor. Ad Jesum per Mariam.

  8. Happy April 1st!

  9. Brenda VanWeezel

    April fools joke, Mundabor? I’ve read your blog too long to believe this.

  10. April Fool’s Day!

  11. Hilarious! Let’s all enjoy one great love-in with Pope Francis’s closest friend: Parolin, Zanchetta, et al. They sure as hell know how to party (as the local police have found to their horror).

    Thanks, Mundabor. You never disappoint us on April Fools’ Day.

  12. I was sitting in my darkened room absorbing the energy from my magic crystals collection ( blessed by Father Lance), letting the energy guide me. It pointed me on a journey of the greatest urgency. There was no one present to accompany me, but I was compelled to act.
    When I finished, I flushed and went to bed.
    It felt so good how could it be wrong?

  13. Hey, that’s my car! I keep it garaged at my Montecito estate. 😉

  14. J. Ronald Parrish

    Could this be the ole April Fool article????

  15. sixlittlerabbits

    Another great April Fool’s Day post, Mundabor. You’ve got the tone just right! LOLROTF.

  16. It only took me a moment to remember the date. However, I was outside communing with mother nature and my over-grown front yard. I sat on my front porch to take a little break, and I met a friendly little lizard who ‘chatted’ with me as I looked at him. He was thoroughly non-judgmental and I appreciate that. He may not, however, appreciate the birds that love the flowers on my front porch. He will look like a tasty little snack to them.

    Happy April. Is it poisson d’avril also in Italian? I think you told us before…

  17. franciscofrancojr

    Thought provoking, for sure. I’ve often prayed about whether I’ve been too harsh and if my spiritual life is boxed in. Your words have been a wake up call for me, and make me ashamed for my sins. Thank you sir, God Bless you for this game changer.

    April Fool’s back to you.

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