O Ye Of Little Faith! (Again!)

Every year, I try to write something nice for the First of April. I try to do it not overtly fake, but not too subtle, either. The idea is that my affectionate reader has a short “what the heck” moment, realises what day it is and, actually, smiles. By the way, I always leave “hints” for the discerning reader. This time, it was the “I am like…”, “I guess” and other similar expressions normally used by those without strong opinions, or a brain able to generate them (which, most of you will agree, is really not me).

Of course, the idea is also to fool some, then this is what April Fool is about. This year, I got (among the many who, no doubt, were fooled but did not write a comment) two who, in my eyes, fell for it hook, line and sinker. Go back to the comments (some of them hilarious!) and judge for yourselves.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself, though. The post was made in order to fool those who have little faith in my … faith, then those who know me know, in fact, better. If you are one of those, I invite you to read my blog more often so that, come next year, you may not be fooled again…

I will now leave you to the enjoyment of your Palm Sunday.

I am afraid for Francismundy you will have to wait that I become entirely mad…

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  1. Joanne O Beirne

    You FOOLED me the first time and almost again 😅

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