The Stuff Out Of Which Empires Die.

Pennsylvania guy.

Donald Trump will gloriously sail to the 2024 Republican nomination.

The problem will be what happens next.

It seems to me that the third world electoral system of the United States is simply not equipped to ensure a fair election. What saved the system up to not long ago was the widespread interest among Americans that the elections be fair.

This is not the case anymore. It is obvious that millions of Trump haters will prefer, every day of the week, that the election is stolen from him rather than seeing him win, whilst a much bigger number of Democrats prefers to look the other way and pretend that things are “broadly” OK. When the correctness of the electoral process is not considered foundational, democracies die.

The issue is also not easily fixable. The problem is that the Democrats control all the ratholes, the ghetto-cities, in the United States, and these ghetto-cities can be manipulated to flip a number of very important states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia – in the desired direction.

In these ghetto-cities there will be no scarcity of people willing and ready to manipulate the elections and produce a huge amount of fake ballots. They will do this out of ideological bigotry, financial gain, or desire to carry favour with the power structures of those cities, so that the latter may greatly advance the careers of those making such “favours” to them and provide all sort of jobs and privileges to their family members.

These are almost all states whose power structures – from the governors to the local mayors and chiefs of police – would not hesitate to arrest or disperse, with various claims of “intimidation”, those picketing the entrances of the ballot places to prevent the ingress of people carrying huge quantities of papers in grey bags. As the election is a local affair, and the named cities not a favourable environment for honest people, the provocations followed by accusations of “racist violence” would be a very easy trick to pull. Short of sheer anti-tyrannical violence, I can’t see how this can change.

Trump has, I think, not addressed this issue sufficiently forcefully. He might think that the 2020 situation made fraud easier because of the easing of voting rules (= of voting fraud) in some States, but it seems to me that the issue is more endemic than occasional. Trump needs to organise pickets and encourage the formation of ballot militias now, instead of crying “fraud” when it is very late as happened in 2020. Plus, we now know that – in another huge break of failsafes – the Supreme Court will not intervene to save the election from a bunch of criminals, and the population at large will, as a whole, accept what the social media tell them. The only thing that has changed in Trump’s favour is Twitter, but Twitter is not enough if the ballots have been stuffed already.

The 2022 elections have worsened the issue. People are now accustomed to have winners of important races announced weeks after the day of the vote. This opens an immensely wide gate to manipulators.

Mind, I do not doubt that the US will continue to work, broadly, as an efficient First World country. Tribunals will work as usual, the public administration will keep going on at all levels, the fire brigades will keep protecting people, etc. But if the level of the fundamental decisions is compromised, all the rest can only be lipstick on a Democrat pig.

This impacts the Country on a broader scale. As the United States are seen as a bunch of jokesters, their “moral lead” in the West – so it still existed – evaporates. The process is exacerbated by the fact that the rigged elections produce rigged ideologies, with perversion now pushed everywhere. So you have a bunch of perverted jokesters trying to tell everybody how they have to behave, after they have stolen the elections themselves.

This is the stuff out of which empires die.

It seems to me that the American people should make of this the first issue of the upcoming election. If this issue is not tackled and solved, at some point the country will descend to a numb state of banana republic manipulation – broadly accepted because people have families and mortgages – or, more likely, to something very similar to a brutal civil war, which will cause the side with the 300 million rifles to win and the side with the blue hair to lose.

America is ill. Its illness is very dangerous and potentially deadly. If the Country develops the necessary antibodies, the positive effects will be felt in a number of areas. If it doesn’t, expect more trannies, and more aggressive ones, around your children.

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  1. Ultimately, the problem of the United States is that few people strive for virtue. Until that is addressed, nothing will get better.

    • R. Hunter Bidet

      Absolutely, we need to bring back the social reign of Jesus Christ, Instaurare omnia in Christo! Viva Cristo Rey!

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    It does not matter even if Trump gets elected. He has moved to the left of Obama. Now he completely is pro-sodomy and chastises republicans as abortion “extremists.” All the level of government are compromised and, I assure you, that tribunals are not “first world.” Finally, the country has been invaded by millions of illegal savages and, you know, demography is destiny.

  3. I am an American citizen.
    Sad to say, the American “Empire” is dying.
    I won’t get into all of the reasons because, Mundy, you are succinct and are so right on the issues.
    I was a Donald Trump supporter in 2020. He did some great things (appointed the correct S.C Justices, for one) but the American “situation” is beyond the repair of one person.
    The situation here devolves daily.
    Trump will not survive (figuratively) the 2024 election.

  4. Your analysis is laudable. Yes, America is very, very sick. I was once on the Trump bandwagon. Lost friends who had Trump derangement syndrome and vilified me. But then came the Scamdemic and Trump, to my dismay, embraced Fauci and all the horrors that were unfolding. His operation Warp Speed and campaign to build ventilators was absurd. Why did he not surround himself with many critical thinkers? Why did he buy into the globalist scam?

    Nope, no Trump for me this time. If DeSantis doesn’t win the nomination I won’t be going to the polls. The process is bleak anyway. Only God can fix this methinks.

    • I invite you to reconsider. Trump was under immense pressure, and chose not to go under an immense tide caused by the vast majority of the population.
      I also always had things of I’m I never liked (remember the Trannie at the 2016 election night?), but as a whole I think he destroys DeSantis and it’s not even close.

    • R. Hunter Bidet

      Go to the polls and write-in a sane person name, such as Pat Buchanan.

    • I say vote Trump.

    • Consider who is backing DeSantis. It’s all the same old establishment. He’s not our guy. Not in this election. Maybe later. Maybe. I’ll vote for Trump.

    • To me, Trump is the only candidate genuinely alternative to the system. All the others are merely good players within the system. They will never defeat it, and will never do more than slowing the tide.

  5. Mary K Jones

    I will definitely vote for Trump again. I don’t see any reasonable alternative who has a chance of winning, and I believe Trump would, again, try to right so many of the horrors of our country. He’s not Superman, but he is strong enough to oppose the wicked system we have.

    • Fully agree. Besides, there is nobody that is so antsy-system as Trump, and DeSantis does not come even close. But he cannot be a miracle worker, either.

    • After the McCarthy sellout, I’m even more inclined to vote for President Trump, if that’s even possible.

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