Dodgers Go Full Fudgers

What the US are becoming…

Some days ago I had written, in my innocence, that of course the LA Dodgers would, upon being informed of who they are, disinvite the blasphemous group of perverts.

They don’t want to become the next Bud Light, I wrote.

Fairly reasonable, it seems to me.

Well, it turns out I was wrong: they do want to be the next Bud Light.

What this says to me is that this is more alarming than the original post. This is a deliberate woke provocation made in full knowledge of the facts by an obviously pro-pervert organisation now clearly meant to shove perversion and blasphemy down their fans’ throat.

We will see how this pans out, but it seems to me that there is now a full scale attack on Christian values and decency, probably motivated by the hope that there is “strength in numbers” and people will not have the rage or the discipline to boycott everyone that goes trannie/pervie/woke.

Make no mistake: this will end up perverting the masses, little by little, until every perversion is normalised.

Would the LA Fudgers, only twenty years ago, have dared to organise a faggofeast? Twenty years later not only they have the blasphemous trannies, but – which is likely worse – the faggofest has been entirely normalised!

If things go on this way, give it another twenty years and the trannies will be everywhere, with the p-p-professional Catholics now screaming against the invitation of the incestuous whilst not even mentioning either the faggots or the trannies.

Meanwhile, Russia becomes more and more Christian, strengthens its education system, improves its military technology advantage with the unites states, and prepares itself to give the woke West a lesson it will never forget.

One can see, once again, a clear parallel to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, killed by the debauchery and sissification of its people. The big difference is, most likely, that social processes that once took centuries now go much faster. Just look at what has happened in the “Kinzhal Vs Patriot” duel last week in the Ukraine to see how fast the cards can change in the military technology game.

Will the US recover? Sad to say, likely not. The 2024 elections will be most likely stolen and the perversion of the American society will continue apace, until a big shock comes which, hopefully, reverses the course. This shock will likely be the outbreak of armed confrontation between the mainstream and the woke troops, or a humiliating military defeat, courtesy of China or Russia, that opens the eyes about what degeneracy leads to.

But it won’t be tomorrow. Just read what Larry Johnson writes about recruitment at the CIA and you’ll see the scale of the problem.

The LA Fudgers incarnate what a vocal, aggressive, bigoted minority is doing to the once great USA.

As long as the Conservatives – or, actually, the normal people – are worried about appearing “moderate” and “reasonable”, there is no way of winning this.

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  1. I’m afraid these perversions are getting to be so bad and so pervasive that the only things that will put an end to them will be either all-out kinetic war or some physical global cataclysm. We certainly are going out of our way to invite either or both of these.

  2. Joseph D'hippolito

    “Well, it turns out I was wrong: they do want to be the next Bud Light.”

    That will happen only if Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez launches a boycott against all things Dodgers. Given how divided the Church (especially in the U.S.) is concerning transgender ideology (and I’m talking about clerics and prelates, here), and given the USCCB’s tendency to talk rather than act, I’m not hopeful as somebody who lives in Metropolitan L.A.

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