Meet Bruce Jenner, The Mad Monster Arsonist.

Bruce. No, read it again. Bruce.

Bruce Jenner has, as a former track runner, condemned the fact that a boy has been allowed to get a place in State track running competition by running among women rather than among men. Breitbart – not linked to, as they keep misgendering Bruce Jenner – informs us that the boy would, if he had run among the people of his sex, have arrived last. Among the girls he arrived second, likely deciding not to crush the opposition in order to attract less flack on himself. I wonder if he will find other boys in the State finals. I am sure there are scholarships to be scrounged with this.

Now, there is no innocent in all this. Bruce Jenner is merely a madman criticising others for giving signs of even bigger mental instability than himself. However, most others support this kind of degeneracy out of pure calculation (leftists bent on destroying every vestige of decency, assorted fags and dykes hoping to look less disordered, and boys gunning for the scrounging of victories and scholarships). Bruce Jenner, instead, had himself mutilated [edit: it appears he still has his appendages, but you get the point….] just to make the absurd point that he thinks he is a woman.

But it’s really worse than that. This is not only the kettle calling the pot black. This is the arsonist criticising the fires that others have started after him. The hypocrisy is staggering as it comes from a man who has been a driving force of the madness we are seeing today. The guy cannot decide that he is a woman, but other boys aren’t. It’s self-serving and hypocritical in the extreme.

Of course, Bruce Jenner has a clear agenda here: to make for himself a conservative reputation as the most conservative Trannie in the village.

Sorry, Bruce. You can’t be a trannie and a conservative. You can only be as monstrous politically as you are physically.

But then again, this guy is most likely merely looking for validation, desperately craving the approval he knows he does not give to himself. And in fact, what Bruce Jenner is screaming from the rooftops is exactly this: he himself does not believe, nor did he ever believe, that he is a woman.

And if he is not a woman, he can only be a monstrously deformed individual.

Sorry, just stating the facts here. As even Bruce Jenner appears to clearly see.

I do not see a happy ending in Bruce’s cautionary tale. I see a suicide with subsequent hell as the most likely outcome, and hell as a foregone conclusion, barring conversion, if he dies of natural causes.

But no, I think suicide is the most likely outcome. Satan is clearly closing in on the guy, trying to make the cognitive dissonance in his head explode.

Pray for all the victims and those persecuted by these maniacs.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    I wonder if people like Jenner ever contemplated the long-range consequences of their actions, especially on society at large, before embarking on changing their sex. Then again, narcissism (which much of the push toward transgender identity is) rarely reflects on anything outside of the self and the immediate moment.

    • Uh-oh. It appears Joseph, that you are adopting the ways of the revolutionary perverts with your use of the word “their” in the above reply to Mundabor. It should read …consequences of HIS actions…and …changing HIS sex.

  2. Bruce Jenner has actually talked about entering politics. Some who call themselves conservatives have taken the view that he ought to be supported because he says some things that sound good. That shows how much degeneracy there is among “conservatives.”

    On a side note, while they are all grossly deformed spiritually, I seriously doubt that Jenner or any other high-profile trannie has really had “sex-reassignment” mutilation. They are happy to encourage and facilitate the butchering of others, but I have a hard time believing they actually have it done to themselves.

  3. I did not know that Bruce had the surgery. Of course I don’t follow him, but last I remember, he said he didn’t want to remove his ‘parts’. Anyway, yes, he is just as guilty, expecially as a forerunner. And I also think the several Fox News people (Tammy Bruce is one and there are several ‘men’) who proudly admit they are ‘gays’, are equally culpable. They are all supporting the collapse of civilisation as we know it.

    • I don’t know if he physically cut, but I am pretty sure he harmonised himself to death and underwent surgery of various kind. His monstrous appearance can’t come simply from dressing in drags.

    • Reminds me of an episode pre-scamdemic when I was having a pedicure at a small, local nail salon. The young, clientele were all atwitter about Bruce being on the cover of Vanity Fair. “Isn’t she gorgeous!?” “Her hair and make-up are perfect!” and other breathless proclamations filled the air. I spoke up: “Yes, but I bet he still has his penis”. Silence fell and daggers shot from those young eyes. I certainly burst their fantasy bubble, if only for a minute.

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