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Vladimir Putin has incinerated the West over their manifold perversion.

He is absolutely right in seeing in what is happening not the wishful thinking of a tiny minority of madmen, but a distinctive trait of the contemporary, official Western culture .

He is, also, right in calling the indoctrination of children (and, clearly, the perversion of their minds that go with that) a crime against humanity.

In fact, the events of the last few years have eloquently showed how madness gets to power: with the indifference, or the desire to be nice, or the silence, or the cowardice, or – worst of all – the conformism of the majority.

A lot of people are just too stupid to understand the implications of their actions. Here in England, a lot of people now use “they” who, ten years ago, would have said the generic “him”. At times they even use “they” just to show you they are hip. “I have a girlfriend. They work in finance”. I immediately challenge and mock those who address me in this way (“oh, you mean you don’t know if she has a vagina?”), but if they speak to me in that manner, it means it made them look well elsewhere.

The dictatorship of these monstrous people will, if it comes, be based on exactly this: the acquiescence and desire of acceptance of the normal people.

Putin is right also in this, that it is not Russia’s job to save the West from self-destruction. It is our job, and the best way to do it is to react strongly to any attempt, no matter how small or even unintended, to pollute our minds.

Be strong. Be assertive. Make people understand that strong disapprobation is linked to gender theory conformism. Then explains to them why this is so. This will open their eyes to what they are, probably unwittingly, doing.

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  1. Aaron Aukema

    The fall of the West is the result of “freedom of religion” and “religious liberty”. When all religions are allowed, no religion is allowed. Instead, the false god of ” self determination ” is elevated to usurp the throne of Christ the King.

    The American Revolution started that monster, and Vatican II established it as legitimate.

    • It is still better to have freedom of religion than a government which persecutes religion, or Catholicism come to that.

    • Aaron Aukema

      I think it was Pope Pius XII that said that where such abominations are present, we must accept them and work within them to convert hearts and minds towards the Church.

    • It’s Catholic doctrine.
      Wherever you can: Catholicism as state religion.
      Wherever you can’t: freedoms for Catholics to exercise their religion.

  2. The transgender ideology is now entrenched in the US, especially among the young, and it’s not going away (I don’t know about Europe). Even though there is some amount of pushback and boycotting going on, the clueless majority either applaud it or tolerate it, just as homosexuality has now been normalized in our culture.

    Just to give an example of how our institutions are promoting this evil. On a patient registration form I was asked for “legal sex”, “sex assigned at birth”, “gender identity”, and “sexual orientation”. And this from a practice associated with one of the country’s major medical universities. I believe at this point we are so far gone, that it’s going to take the wrath of God or a cataclysmic event to make a difference.

  3. amarmaduke87

    Transgender everywhere. My son’s online college class asked for introductions, and of course on had to point out that it (whatever its true gender) is transgender.

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